Celtics stun Warriors to lead the series by 2-1

The underdogs have bounced back after facing a series equaliser by the warriors in Game 2 of the series. Celtics took the lead in the 3rd game as they outplayed the warriors with a final tally of 116 to 100 of the Golden State Warriors.

Playing at home turned out to be a great factor in deciding the fate of this match. The Celtics corrected all of their flaws which were showing quite clearly in the last game, and the Home vibe truly worked for the Celtics. The off-beat rhythm for them is absolutely gone now.

Story of every quarter from the game

Celtics bossed the game in the first quarter till the final whistle of the game. Warriors could not take the lead and were clearly on the back foot for most of the match. Celtics made sure they were in the lead and kept it that way.

These stats show that the Celtics did not give the Warriors any chance to take the lead or impact them in any intense way.

It was absolute team coordination, which was lacking in that of the Warriors. They themselves dumped the momentum they created in the last win against the Celtics.

Here is what happened in every quarter of the match.

Quarter 1

Celtics 33 – Warriors 22

  • Brown finishes the first quarter with a tally of 17 points to his name with three assists and five rebounds.
  • Klay Thompson pumped up for the first quarter and boosted the score of the Warriors with his two free throws and a three-pointer.
  • Dereck white came in as a substitute for Robert Williams.

Quarter 2

Celtics 58 – Warriors 46

  • The Celtics passed the ball beautifully and maintained a double-digit lead for the first few minutes of the second quarter.
  • Warriors made an 8-0 stunt in the second quarter when the Celtic’s defence collapsed for some time.
  • Celtics gave away multiple turnovers before the half but were able to maintain the lead till the half time.
  • Interestingly Clay Thompson went ‘ white-hot ‘ after the first quarter, which boosted the confidence of the Warriors but didn’t create much impact.
  • The Celtics were able to counter all of the run and mini runs of the warriors, and that was the critical highlight of the second quarter, to be fair.

Quarter 3

Celtics 93 – Warriors 89

  • Probably the most exciting quarter of the game as both teams were looking to attack and take the lead before the final quarter.
  • For the Warriors, Stephen Curry led with an example and took charge of countering the heat from the Boston.
  • Four foul tallies for Stephen Curry as he poked his hand where he clearly should not have.
  • The scoreboard was fluctuating in favour of both the teams simultaneously.
  • However, with  Curry soon benched and the Celtics could take the lead in the final few minutes of the third quarter with a smart move from Marcus Smart in favour of the Celtics. 
  • The Celtics returned to the lead again after the third quarter, whereas the Warriors were simply exhausted.
  • Overall, Curry missed a three-pointer, then Marcus Smart banked one in, so this is how the third-quarter clocked out.

Quarter 4

Celtics 116 – Warriors 100

  • Grant Williams increased the lead for the Celtics to 11, not taking much time when the fourth quarter started.
  • For the Warriors, it was only a one-man army of Stephen Curry, as the Boston team clearly did most of the tackling with him.
  • Celtics were clearly beating the experience and maturity; that was the strength of the Warriors.
  • It was evident in the final minutes that most Warriors players had given up.
  • The Celtics showed an excellent teamwork presentation in the match, and the team’s fate was not dependent on only one player throughout the game.

It was simply a presentation of great skill and belief by the Boston Celtics players.

The final score was obvious but shocking to the match predictions. 

Sometimes, basketball gets as simple and street as it can go.  It doesn’t matter who the big guns are as long as a bunch of players in your team believe in themselves.  That is what is simply needed to overcome experience with nothing but the thrust to prove yourself.

Does glory await for Boston Celtics?

Boston Celtics are closer to winning the series, but it won’t be easy to snatch it from the Golden State Warriors as they have bounced back before from similar situations. Soon it will be clear whether the fans will get to see just four matches or a seven face-off series.

The Celtic players should focus on keeping themselves calm until they have actually changed the odds for them. Historically, teams have bounced back from such situations, and a team as big as the Golden State Warriors indeed has whatever it takes to change everything in their favour.

The fourth game is all set to play on Friday, 10th June, in Boston at 9 pm.

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