10 Tips for you to be More Fuel Efficient

If you are one of the people who use a vehicle that uses gasoline as fuel, you know how expensive it gets over time. Re-fueling your cars digs a deeper hole in your pocket if you drive a car that gives a low mileage rate(It might force you to consider buying an electric car wink, wink.)

We have brought you a few tips to help you reduce the frequency of your trips to a gas station. Considering that you drive a normal car and not some eight hundred horsepower drag racing monster.

1. Tyre Pressure

You should consistently keep an eye out for the tyre pressure and maintain the recommended amount of tyre pressure in order to reduce traction, resulting in reduced pressure on the engine, which will reduce a considerable amount of fuel usage, and you will be able to avoid going to a gas station for longer periods of time.

2. Maintenance 

It would help if you always keep your car in the best condition as it might make the mechanics more efficient and reduce fuel consumption. With regular oil change and maintenance work, the engine tends to run smoothly without burning an unnecessary amount of fuel.

3. AC use 

Try to reduce air conditioner use when you are in your vehicles, as your engine needs to burn extra fuel to power the air conditioning system. Using it for a longer duration might take a toll on your mileage.

4. Keep the Windows Up

Your car has been designed keeping in mind the aerodynamics to reduce the air drag to the max level possible, and that design works best when all the windows of your car are up, even more so when you are driving at a higher speed. 

5. Weight Management 

To reduce fuel consumption, you need to make sure that there is nothing in your car that might not be of good use and is just increasing the weight of your car without any reason. It’s very simple the more weight your car will have, the more powerful engine would need to move that weight making the engine gulp down all the fuel you put in your tank.

6. Turn off When Standing Still

If you are stuck in traffic for a longer period of time or just waiting for someone in your car, turning the engine will be a good idea as it burns a lot of fuel without any particular use. It also helps increase your car’s life as the fuel that burns when your car is standing still produces more waste than normal.

7. Planning your journey 

If you plan to go out and save your fuel as much as you can, it’d be smart to plan your journey ahead of time and find out the shortest routes to get around. It will help you save time and fuel. 

8. Avoid Rash driving 

Driving your car moderately without constantly revving up your engine without any reason might help you save a lot of fuel. Until you are in a race, it is better to have a light foot on the gas pedal for fuel-efficiency.

Avoid Rash driving Speed
9. Avoid Speeding

As your speed starts getting more than 50 mph, your mileage quickly diminishes. This is particularly evident with a large number of the present more modest, eco-friendly motors — with less force. They need to work a lot harder as speed increments. Adhere to the posted speed, and you’ll make it much farther before you need to stop for a top off.

10. Choosing the right motor oil

The vast majority of people don’t specify a kind of oil while getting their oil changed. However, this also can influence your fuel mileage. Glance in the proprietor’s manual to perceive what review of engine oil your vehicle’s makers suggest for your vehicle — utilizing the right oil can improve efficiency up to 2 per cent.

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