Some Beauty Brands That Latinx Owns

Latinos and Hispanics are the largest minority group in the United States, with over 60 million. The Latinx people group has an enormous responsibility to inclusivity, variety, and growth in an outstanding business. Take a look at these Latinx-owned excellence companies and things, as well as first-rate items that have received rave reviews, as recommended by our experts and editors at Good Housekeeping. You’ll find something on this list that will revolutionize your beauty routine, from excellent skincare created by specialists and celebrities to the most aromatic hair oils that lift lustre.

Luna Magic

It’s a success! If it’s the shade you’re after, Luna Magic, a brand founded by Afro-Latina Dominican sisters Mabel and Shaira Fras, will not disappoint. The vibrant colours of the brand are inspired by Latin American and Caribbean music and culture.


Gisselle Hernandez founded Glamlite to celebrate her love of pizza and cosmetics and reclaim her confidence after years of being fat-shaming. With its different eye colours named after sweet toppings, the Pizza Palette was born in this way. The brand sells various beauty care items inspired by food and pastries, such as the Glam Donut Palette, which is cool-toned, and the threepiece Chocolate Popsicle Lip Kit.

Vive Cosmetics

Vive Cosmetics, according to Flores, “typifies Latin culture—dynamic, brassy, exuberant.” The company organizers were tired of seeing the cosmetics business use Latin Americans for encouragement while giving them little credit. Thus, Mexican plummet Leslie Valdivia and Mexican, and Puerto Rican Joanna Rosario-Rocha founded Vive, which Latin Americans are entirely run and promoted.

Honey Baby Naturals

Honey is the driving force behind Honey Baby Naturals’ hair-and-body-care line, which is evident right down to the packaging. Mother’s Magic Moringa and Honey Oil resembles a jug of nectar and provides hair with the hydrating advantages of the sweet fixation. Aisha Ceballos-Crump founded the company in 2016 after realizing that she needed to create products that would hydrate her three children’s wavy skin.

Rizos Curls

Julissa Prado was looking for something to represent her fantastic twists, and when she couldn’t find it, she created it herself. Rizos Curls is a haircare line available at Target that ships to more than 57 countries. Every item is packed with hydrating ingredients such as shea margarine, olive oil, and aloe vera (to name a few), which provide wavy hair with unrivalled bounce and lustre. These brands revive dull curls, but they also combat the “Pelo Malo” (bad hair) stigma embedded in Black and Latinx culture by showcasing the beauty of ordinary surfaces to their 250 thousand Instagram followers.


Sarah Desir, a Haitian marriage cosmetics craftswoman, states,

“[beautyblender] is the original for an explanation.” It’s acceptable to the point where it’s been used to create unfathomable tricks. “These wipes mix like a dream and are crucial to my flawless appearance.” A Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese, and Irish cosmetics crafter from Los Angeles, Rea Ann Silva founded the brand. She got her to start arranging hit shows like Girlfriends and Moesha, where she came up with the idea for the magnificence blender. Since then, the firm has been expanding its product line to include brushes, concealers, foundations, and cleansers.

Bomba Curls

Afro-Dominican Lulu Cordero created bomba Curls to include ingredients from her island homes, such as pistachio and espresso seed oil, into haircare products. The brand only has two effects: the delicious-smelling Forbidden Oil and the silky Forbidden Hair Mask. Dry and troublesome scalps will feel delicious relief after applying the Forbidden Oil (which is made up of a blend of espresso seed, castor, and dark cumin seed oils).


Rafaela Gonzalez, a Dominican woman, created Gloryscent to help melaninrich women achieve glowing skin. Gonzalez is an active voice against the dangerous beauty objectives inside the Latinx people group and a rising little group, vegetarian lover, and pitilessness-free skincare. “I was taught believing that the best form of excellence was a pale complexion and hair that you could run your fingers through,” she writes. Gonzales combats this mindset by promoting ordinary excellence, which she adopted after growing out her Afrofinished hair. She began making products for herself due to her journey of selfawareness and eventually expanded to include other people, all things being equal. The Enzyme Cleansing Gel and the Urbana Elixir are two of the brand’s most well-known products.

Melt Cosmetics

“Finding companies with really pigmented shadows is necessary, especially for our ladies of shading, and this brand provides you PIGMENT,” Desir explains. Dissolve was founded by Lora Arellano (clients include Rihanna and Serena Williams) and Dana Bomar, a Mexican-American cosmetics craftswoman (customers include Rihanna and Serena Williams).

Alamar Cosmetics

Alamar Cosmetics’ lively tones, created in 2017 by Cuban-born cosmetics craftswoman Gabriela Trujillo, give a little sazón to the business. The Colorete Blush Trio is one of my favourite purchases from the brand. The highly pigmented line is available in three blends to suit different skin tones: Fair/Light, Medium/Tan, and Dark/Rich. Alamar Cosmetics has cushioned false lashes, sparkly lip gleams, and precise eye shadow ranges, in addition to its become flushed varieties.

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