Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini belts

Let’s first learn how to differentiate between the fake and originals Salvatore belts?

You can easily choose one of the best Salvatore Ferragamo belts with a unique design and an eye-catching logo buckle. As a third way to identify fake Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini belts. We will check the buckle thickness of two fake Ferragamo belts against the genuine one. One of the best features of the Salvatore Ferragamo belt is the Gancini buckle. This concludes Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini’s guide to natural and fake belts.

How do you get the correct size?

To determine the size of your Salvatore Ferragamo belt. We recommend that you measure your favorite belt from the buckle to the most commonly used hole (for example, if you measure 85 cm from these two points. Your Salvatore Ferragamo size is 85. 

Salvatore Ferragamo

How does the belt look?

The New Salvatore belt Ferragamo starts with the Gancini buckle to authenticate your belt, which stands out for its unique features. You can buy the collection at the best price and highlight your beautiful clothes with Salvatore Ferragamo belts. The fastest way to find fake Ferragamo belts is to check the text on the front and back of the buckle because on Ferragamo replicas. The reader is never of the right thickness and is always of a different quality ordinary belts. 

More often than not, the obverse of the buckle of fake straps has the inscription “Ferragamo,” which looks too thin, small, and out of place in the center of the metal rectangle. Examine the text on the back of the Ferragamo strap. Of course, we’d be delighted if you wanted, but you can opt for the Salvatore Ferragamo reversible belt and get two belts for one. On the other hand, on a genuine Ferragamo belt, the text “MADE IN ITALY” is thinner and more extensive than the text on counterfeit items. Since, on a genuine strap, the text looks more elongated and easier to read than the text on fake items. Since the buckle is removable, you can cut it to size without drilling additional holes. You can take the belt to any Ferragamo store and cut/cut (drill) it for free.    

When they measured it for me, I got a free red box and Ferragamo bag- no questions about where I got my belt. We’re especially interested in dressing up a dark black leather strap with a rich wood grain or tortoiseshell resin buckle ($ 95 each) or replicating its sleek lines with a diamond-effect palladium style ($ 225). You would think it will at least come in a Ferragamo box for your belt at this price. However, the real magic of tailoring happens when you take off the simplest buckle and put on one of the brands with more daring options. Instantly creating a sophisticated new look. 


Be very careful when putting on and off your belt to avoid damaging your skin. The lettering on the genuine buckle is tiny and matches well with the background. While on the fake model, it is thicker and more prominent.   

The ability to constantly change the strap gives you the ability to change the look of the strap to suit any occasion. It’s best to leave the belt overnight so that it absorbs all the polish or cleanser. If the belt hardware is poorly copied by the replica factory, everything will stand out in the worst possible way.   

How and when will I receive my package of goods?

Packaging The goods, you have purchased will be sent in environmentally friendly packaging. You can also choose our unique yellow packaging for free. You can find more information about climate partners and the projects you support here.   

In the case of partial delivery, the delivery cost will be charged only once. If you are looking for shipping options and shipping costs for a country not listed, select your destination country here. 

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