Learn everything about London Marathon?

When and where is London Marathon happening?

The 2021 London Marathon takes place on Sunday, October 3, and the crowded race is back after last year’s cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That meant thousands of participants completed the virtual marathon from home rather than following the iconic route through the capital. 

However, 40 years after the first race, the marathon is back on the pavement, which may inspire some of those watching it on the curb or on a TV screen to try it out for themselves.    

So if the thought of 42km through the streets of London dressed as a giraffe appeals to you, here’s everything you need to know to book your seat at next year’s event. When is London Marathon 2022? The London Marathon will continue in its autumn slot until 2022, with organizers confirming it will take place on Sunday, October 2. 

This will be the third year in a row in October rather than the traditional April date, although it is expected to return in the spring of 2023. London Marathon director Hugh Brasher said: “We believe that by rescheduling the 2022 event to October, we are giving ourselves the best possible chance of welcoming the world to the streets of London, allowing tens of millions of people to grow into good causes and instilling in people the confidence that their hard work and training will allow them to live an incredible experience. a crowd that greets them at every step from Greenwich to Westminster.”    

You can vote for the London Marathon 2022 here. There are separate tabs for people residing in the UK and international members. The seat costs £49 for UK participants and £99 for international participants (plus a £26 carbon offset fee), but you only pay for it if your application is approved.    

Voting for both registration methods ends at 21:00 on Friday, October 8, and the results will be announced next February. If you follow last year’s example, applicants will receive an email with a unique link that will direct them to the event’s website to access the results. The second round of this year’s race was open from Sunday, October 4 to 17:00 Friday, October 9.    

What are the ways to participate in the London Marathon? Those looking to raise money for charities can click here to learn how to run for various charities at the London Marathon 2022. You can see a list of charities with places available here.   

You can also apply for Good For Age based on previous qualifying results. Those wishing to use it this way can see the qualifying deadlines that must be met between October 5 2020, and October 3 2021. You can see the complete list of ways to enter the London Marathon 2022 on the official website. After hosting an Elite-only race in central London last year, the event has returned to its traditional starting point in Blackheath.    

Head east to Charlton and Woolwich, then turn west along the Thames past the famous Cutty Sark in Greenwich to the Shard near London Bridge.

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