Can You Get Cashback With Apple Pay?

Sometimes, costumes are returned some per cent of the money once they have made certain transactions at a store. ApplePay is a mobile payment service that lets you pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. You can use it with apps and websites in stores, within and within websites.

It’s easy to get started:

– Add your credit or debit card to Wallet on your device

– Check out as usual at participating stores

– Or make purchases in supported apps and on participating websites

Some stores will give cashback when you pay through Apple Pay. Not every store accepts Apple Pay since it is not included in its policies, but most stores in the United States accept Apple Pay. Many stores that do take Apple Pay offer cashback.   

Customers usually get 1-6% cashback, depending on total payments. Some stores are offering discounts and rewards for using Apple Play as payment. You may receive a cashback on Apple Pay if your bank provides any cashback on payments made through your bank card. 

Apple Pay

How Much Cashback Can You Get With ApplePay?

As most of the time, customers get just 1 per cent of the cashback when they pay through Apple Pay.   

You may get higher cashback, about 5% when paying using American Express Card and Apple Pay. Customers may contact the cashback once they meet those conditions. Customers must connect a debit card with an Apple Pay account or must use Apple Card. They may receive a cashback on purchases within the U.S. if stores accept payments via ApplePay.   

Customers only receive cashback if a store offers it. 

How do I get cashback on Apple Pay?

Customers may receive cashback when using Apple cards. When customers purchase anything at the store, they can swipe an Apple Card to receive cashback to their Apple Pay account. 

They receive the cashback if the store accepts ApplePay. Customers also receive cashback when connecting a credit or debit card to their Apple Pay account. You must attach the card’s details to the ApplePay account. When paying at the counter, you get a cashback by paying with your American Express card. 

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