Are you looking for the perfect essentials that would be perfect for your first college apartment?

For many older students, school is back, and that means it is time to start shopping for their halls of residence and apartments. Decorating your college apartment can be a lot different than sprucing up your first permanent home. Even if you’ve been away for a few years, you may still not have enough time to make yourself comfortable at home. With the right furniture and decoration, you can transform your college living space into the place you want to be. 

Tuft & Needle mattress topper

A good night’s sleep is crucial in college, especially if you want to improve your grades and stay awake for lectures. If you have inherited a firmer mattress and have no room to invest in a quality mattress, there are no-obligation ways to maximize your comfort without spending a ton. Tuft Needles, a highly rated foam option, takes the strain off your joints and keeps you cool, and its unnecessary bestselling mattress took first place in our review.    

iRobot robot vacuum

Between library meetings, errands, and social engagement, college apartment students rarely take the time to vacuum. The expert-approved Roomba i3 empties itself after 30 days of daily use, absorbs as much dirt as its more expensive competitors, fights pet hair without clogging up, and works with an app that sounds like your voice. Jon Chen, our senior lab manager and equipment expert calls the Roombas i3 the “cheapest version of my top vacuum cleaner, the Roomba i7 pickup, ” making it the most accessible way to clean your home on a student budget. Let the i3 do the dirty work with its impressive self-navigation capabilities. College is the perfect opportunity to discover creative ways to cook and save money by avoiding takeout.    

Instagram-famous Our Place pan

Grab this Instagram-famous pan of our place, which is designed to replace eight Cookware, which makes it perfect for small spaces. It works as a pan, steamer, and pan and is available in nine stunning colors, from sage to terracotta.   

These four-tier shelves

Four perfectly dimensioned shelves and two powder-coated steel shelves are generous shelves for kitchen supplies, beds, clothes, and more. Proper storage can help you feel like you’re back in college apartment, but it’s also a place where you can hide and clean up.   

Dyson fan and heater

Like Goldilocks, we all strive to fill our place with emotion. With a heater and cooling unit like the Dyson, one of our favorite space heaters, your pedestals are covered regardless of the season.    

The bladeless fan works by projecting air at 33-99% in the 10-speed setting. You can also choose the personal fan setting to expel the concentrated airways or the diffuse setting for temperature distribution in the room.   

Oral hygiene essential

Its sleep timer allows you to drift off without having to turn it on and off. The remote control magnetizes the fan, so you never lose it under your couch cushion. If you are an adult, this means that it is time to start flossing, and you do not need to go to the dentist. Waterpik makes it easy to develop a habit and stick to it with its compact, space-saving water silk with three pressure levels.  

Thanks to its waterproof design, you can use it in the shower or in a hurry to prepare for a class. It’s a great little treat for your morning routine, and it will help you feel refreshed. Its global voltage system makes it ideal for use while studying and working, so you don’t have to wake your roommate.    

Customizable frames

Tilepix is an ingenious concept because it allows you to decorate your walls with art without drilling a hammer hole into the wall. To obtain your Tilepix photos, simply upload your favourite images to your desktop or mobile app and select the frame size and color.    

By washing and drying, hang them on an area of your wall that you want to decorate, glue a magnetic cushion on it and hang your pictures into a collage. TilePix photos are magnetic, so you can change and adjust the frames according to your mood and take them with you to your new home. You can also request complimentary raw wall kits such as Popcorn Orange Peel to texture the walls.   

Small convertible desk

Turn your apartment into a study-friendly zone with this fold-out desk that reviewers say is robust and easy to set up. It contains four-floor levels and a rear crossbar to keep it positioned, and it has slots that you can use for your computer tower and various learning materials. It also has a folding up and down keyboard shelf when not in use, and to save space, you can add a 10 to 20-inch table extension on either side to maximize your workspace or use its bottom rungs for extra shelf space. 

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