15 Things You Can Always Buy at a Dollar Store

Buying something for a dollar may seem impossible, but for the many dollar shop bargain hunters out there, it’s an unavoidable reality. Shopping at the dollar store can be all in or all out in every instance. True, Dollar stores have many incredible bargains just waiting to be discovered, but there are a few items on those shelves that should be passed on to collect dust. Here are 15 things you should always buy at the dollar store.

Party supplies

Are you in charge of a meeting? Plates, cups, napkins, utensils, expanders, and even gathering caps would all be available for a buck. “While I love Target, these things cost a few dollars at Target or Walmart when you can purchase them for a buck at the Dollar Store,” says John Frigo of BestPriceNutrition.com. You’ll have the choice of going all out with enrichment because you’ll be able to stick to your budget without difficulty.


You can save up to half on these emergency treatment basics if you’re prepared to forego the name brands.

Storage containers

Make a jumble of compartments that you can store in a closet, cabinet, or under a bed. You may buy enough containers at a dollar store to organize each space in your home or business. Toys, craft items, clothing, and more can all be stored in these carriers.

Cleaning supplies

You’ll have to clean up after your party. Wipes, cleaning splashes, and dishwashing liquid can be obtained for little or no money. “I can confidently state that the dollar store is the finest place to buy cleaning goods,” says Alpine Maids’ leader, Chris Willett. “Their things are frequently comparable to those sold by other stores at a far lower price.”

Pint Glasses

For a buck each, you can stock up on 16-ounce glasses similar to those found in bars — and at that price, you won’t have to worry if one breaks on rowdier evenings.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories, such as headbands and bobby pins, may be found for a fraction of the price at dollar stores. Brushes and brushes might also be a bargain.


The founders of the popular blog Krazy Coupon Lady claim to have discovered Orow eat brand bread at Dollar Tree for more than 33% less than it costs at the supermarket.

Vases and decorative bowls

Avoid wasting time shopping for containers and enlivening dishes at various stores. The dollar store is sure to have a couple of styles at an unbeatable price. You can use containers to get around the flower merchant and make your plans run more smoothly. Alternatively, clean up enhancing glass bowls to make inexpensive gifts for family or friends.

Pregnancy test

I’m sure you weren’t expecting that! Relax. The 99-cent tests are nearly as effective as the ones sold at the pharmacy. “For the average woman, these dollar store tests are okay to use and as accurate as name-brand tests,” Beth Taylor, a fertility specialist at Olive Fertility in Vancouver, told Today’s Parent. However, you must be patient before beginning the assessment. Ladies should wait until their regular menstruation date to receive the best results.

Dollar Store

Coffee Filters

You’ll enjoy this one if you’re a regular espresso drinker: Dollar Tree has nearly twice as many espresso channels at a similar price as other mainstream retailers.

Cookie Sheets

The Crazy Craft Lady claims that she buys her treat sheets for her top DIY projects from her local dollar shop to repurpose them into other valuable kitchen items, such as this appealing board.


A considerable portion of the clothing sold at dollar stores is of poor quality and not worth the money. Socks could be an exception. If you get the correct kind of dollar-store socks, they can be almost as good as retail-chain selections. For a comfortable fit, look for acrylic or spandex socks for men, women, and children.

Greeting cards

A claim to fame card can cost up to $5 if purchased from a retailer. Brooke Grassley, the Restore Decor and More organizer, asserts that “the dollar shop sells welcoming cards 2 for $1.00.” “You can easily compensate $4.00-$5.00 for a greeting card in another location. I can have a store of 20 hello cards ready to use when needed for the price of two hello cards elsewhere.” Save money for the next birthday card you buy and use it to buy the present.

Cotton Swabs

Deal Babe gets her off-brand q-tips from the dollar store in her area. She ensures that a 170-check box covers a significant percentage of the expense, and she sees little difference in quality.

Art Supplies

Dollar stores across the country sell globules, feathers, stickers, foam forms, and other items for $1. Keep an eye out for small things if you have small children, as they can be a suffocating hazard.

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