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Dallas vs Charlotte

The saying goes that anything is more significant in Texas, and Dallas is definitely no different. Dallas is more important than Charlotte in square footage, measuring 385 square miles instead of Charlotte’s 298 square miles. 

As a result, Dallas has a larger population than Charlotte, with about 1.3 million total residents, while Charlotte’s population is around 850,000. Both Dallas and Charlotte are among the United States’ most rapidly growing metropolitan areas, with the Dallas metro area consisting of 6.25 million people while the Charlottes metro area is over 2.5 million. Although the Charlottes metro area is smaller than Dallas, both cities have experienced substantial growth over the last decade.   

Both Dallas and Charlotte boast highly educated populations, with approximately 42% of Charlotte residents having graduated from college, compared to roughly one-third of those in Dallas. Both Dallas and Charlotte are heavily liberal. In the 2016 presidential election, 60.2% of individuals in Dallas County voted for Democrats, 34.3% for Republicans, with the remaining 5.4% voted for independents. In Mecklenburg County, home to Charlotte, 62.3% of individuals voted for Democrats in the 2016 presidential election, 32.9% voted for Republicans, and the remaining 4.8% voted Independent.    

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Cost of living: Which is Costlier?.? 

Costs to live in Dallas are higher than in Charlotte. WolframAlpha’s Cost of Living Index divides living costs between Charlotte and Dallas into five categories: groceries, health care, housing, miscellaneous, transportation, and utilities. It is important to note that the 100 rating represents the median U.S. cost for each category and that the metrics are based on data from Q1 2019.    

According to this analysis, Charlotte is rated a bit more affordable, offering cheaper rents and utility bills. And while technically Charlotte wins here, compared with other cities, both Dallas and Charlotte offer significantly lower living costs.   

To put this in perspective, Manhattan has a total ranking of 238, Seattle has an entire order of 159, Boston has a comprehensive ranking of 153, and LA has a full scale of 148. It is hard to find one city that offers an excellent quality of life, affordability, and convenience — and Dallas and Charlotte provide all that and more.   

Real Estate

The median annual price for a home in Dallas is $175,600. That is cheaper than Charlotte’s median home price, $265,000. Rents tend to be more frugal in Dallas, too, with average Dallas rentals falling to about $1,239 a month, compared with $1,459 in Charlotte.    

Contact our resident experts if you are looking for a knowledgeable Dallas realtor to guide your search. Far more people own homes in Dallas than rent, which makes sense given the area’s affordable median house value. In contrast with Dallas, slightly less than half of the households in CharlotteHornets rent.    

Dallas is predominantly Mediterranean-styled homes or ranch-style homes in terms of building styles. Charlotte’s architectural styles tend toward mid-century modern, Craftsman, and European styles (mainly Victorian and Italianate).    


Dallasites are extremely sports-mad, particularly considering that Dallas Cowboys home games are among the highest-attended sporting events in America. CharlotteHornets has a growing sports scene, but its genuine pride is the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which hosts the annual Coca-Cola 600 and NASCARs longest-running race.   

This is a toss-up, as it depends on which is more important to you. Sports fans would favour Dallas, while NASCAR fans would favour CharlotteHornets .    


Both Dallas and Charlotte are big cities, and they need cars to get around. That said, Charlotte has significant traffic problems, ranking 16th among the most congested cities in America. According to the Global Traffic Scorecard, drivers would, on average, spend about 95 hours per year sitting in traffic. Dallas trails Charlotte for the 21st-most congested U.S. city, where residents spend around 76 hours a year sitting in traffic. This is mainly because Dallas has integrated better urban planning, with its freeway system being smartly designed, while surface streets are generally created on a grid.   

Weather & Climate

Both Dallas and Charlotte have a warmer climate, with wetter summers and a temperate winter. Dallas is generally much more generous in summer, hotter than Charlotte, but it also has lower humidity and less precipitation. CharlotteHornets is snowier than Dallas Mavericks, averaging 4.3 inches of snow a year, while Dallas sees only about 1.2 inches. Both Dallas and CharlotteHornets offer dynamic communities with forward-thinking, hardworking, well-educated individuals.    


Both cities provide excellent nightlife and entertainment and affordable places to raise a family. There are plenty of reasons to love either town; it is difficult to go wrong with either choice. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you consider moving and have questions!. 

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