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The Travel advisory of Indiana

 Every county in Indiana has a Landon Winter Storm Travel Warning starting at 1:00 p.m. Even after a winter storm warning expired in several counties in northwest Indiana on Thursday, a winter weather warning was issued due to the threat of overnight snow showers.   

The Allen County Department of Homeland Security has issued a Winter Weather Travel NOTICE for Allen County, which is in effect until further notice. Henry County Travel Status Program Henry County uses the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Travel Status Program to inform its residents about local travel conditions. Henry County Commissioners, who work with the Sheriff’s Office, County Highways, and the Office of Emergency Management, decide whether to increase or decrease travel status within Henry County.   

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The next time there is a county emergency affecting travel, the status will be updated by the county EMA and reflected in The Indiana Travel Advisory app. When the travel status changes in the selected county, the user will receive a warning notification. Travel status information is sent by every emergency agency in the county, you know, by the people in the area.   

It is updated with information from county emergency management agencies and describes the conditions for travel advisories, inspections, alerts, and attention. The system itself has three levels of colour coding, depending on the type of alert a particular county wants to issue. This level is most likely used when slippery and dangerous, a storm restricts access due to trees or lines along, or even flooding has closed roads in Henry County.    

From Saturday night until further notice, orange-level traffic clocks were issued on unincorporated streets in Madison County. Businesses, churches, and other organizations should implement contingency plans while Madison County controls travel.   

People should only travel for essential purposes such as work or an emergency when the county is under travel control in Indiana. Only necessary travel is recommended during a local “travel alert”, such as to and from work or emergencies, and contingency plans must be implemented by businesses, schools, government agencies, and other organizations. Please check with your employer if you have an emergency travel policy or required staff.   

As stated in the emergency bulletin, you will also be restricted from all travel if the situation requires full restriction. All others, please refrain from any travel until further notice. According to the warning, residents should avoid travel unless there is an emergency. We urge citizens to limit travel and stay home if travel is not required.  

Stay up to date with road conditions and travel tips by checking out these resources before you leave. I have multiple ways to quickly view current Indiana weather conditions, travel alerts, and even the best smartphone apps to help you plan ahead. Feel free to share your favourite Indiana weather and traffic alerts in the comments section below. The Indiana Travel Advisory app lets you track the weather by county.   

Travel Status Mobile App – The State of Indiana has created a free mobile application to provide Hoosiers users with county travel status updates and alerts directly to their Hoosiers mobile devices. In addition to weather conditions, the Travel Status mobile app will also include warnings for floods, hazardous materials spills, and other events that may affect your trip. The Indiana map is constantly updated with travel status at in.gov/dhs/traveladvisory/.  

Use INDOT Travel Maps to get real-time traffic updates and find information about INDOT construction projects, width and weight restrictions, and INDOT contact information. This information will be added to any emergency ordinance signed by the City or County of Delaware, and the police will be held responsible for enforcing traffic laws.   

Boone and Morgan’s counties are marked in red to indicate people are being asked not to travel. As of 6:00 a.m. Thursday, Monroe and Jackson’s counties were placed under red travel advisories. Nearby counties such as Monroe, Jackson, and Orange have red travel advisories. The red travel notice for Monroe County will be in effect until Friday.    

Marion County remains the only “yellow” county in central Indiana at 8:00 a.m. Friday. Many other neighbouring counties, including Martin and Green counties, also have yellow warnings.    

Hamilton, Hendrix, Madison, Hancock, Shelby, and Johnson counties are under travel controls; only essential travel is recommended. The Owen County Board of Commissioners has declared a state of emergency regarding travel to Owen County. Under their direction, by IC 10-14-3-29.5, they have also issued a TRIP NOTIFICATION for all of Allen County, Indiana.   

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security says the travel warning means to travel can only be restricted to emergency response. The Indiana travel warning is the lowest level of travel warning and implies that everyday travel and activities may be limited due to the hazardous situation. There is a warning level (yellow) where motorists are warned to pay attention to difficult driving conditions in certain regions. However, government officials can fine anyone who creates a traffic problem (gets stuck, blocks the road, abandons a car), and the police find any motorist who makes a hazard or breaks the law.

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