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The most exciting part of boarding The Edges viewing platform is to look directly at the city through the glass floor of the viewing platform. If you climb to the top of the skyline steps, you can get a higher perspective through the glass panels and the Edge of the bridge. There are also skyline steps on the upper level, from where you can watch through the glass panels and the Edge of the bridge.    

Once on the 100th floor, you can visit the champagne bar, go to the observation deck and climb to the 101st floor for panoramic views of New York and New Jersey. The Edge and 102nd floor offer 360-degree views of the banks of the Hudson River through Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, New Jersey and even Central Park. 

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Where is it located, and hall tall is it?

Edge Observation Deck is New York City’s second-tallest outdoor observation deck at 1,131 feet (345 meters). Located at 30 Hudson Yards, Edge is the most elevated outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere.   

There is a 360-degree view of Manhattan (and beyond, as it is 100 floors in the air). Because you can see Central Park clearly, get great views of the Empire State Building and One World Observatory in the distance, and incredible sunset views beyond the Edge of New York’s Hudson Yards. One of the best aspects of the Edge view is looking straight from the Hudson to One World Observatory and downtown Manhattan during a beautiful sunset. Edge gives you the rare opportunity to experience New York from the most minor corner of one of the tallest buildings in the city.    

Towering 100 stories above the city’s streets, this observation deck offers breathtaking views of Manhattan. The centre of the sky deck is a glass floor, a completely transparent triangle that hovers 100 stories above the ground. 

Walk up to the corner edge of the bridge, also known as the east point, and you will be surrounded only by air and sky, looking at the city behind you. Edge is a flawless, modern and stylish indoor deck atop an unusually designed platform. It offers stunning views of the New York City skyline and a small glass-bottom section that overlooks the streets of Manhattan. The Edge design is one of a kind, with many cool features (in addition to an excellent overview).   

What is the entry price for the Edge Deck?

The ticket also includes admission to the Edge Sky Deck, which you will visit after the City Climb experience. 

Tickets currently cost $ 185 and include City Climb entry, Edge entry and Edge digital imaging. The experience also has access to the Edges outdoor observation deck on the 100th floor. City Climb will open to the public on November 9 and run seven days a week from 10:00 to 18:00. 

City Climb NYC is a new experience for Edge (opening in November 2021). Edge NYC at 30 Hudson Yards will open the City Climb, a new attraction for the Hudson Yards ultra-high observatory. Edge NYC is one of the latest members of the Manhattan Observation Deck. The apex and city climbers saw from the exterior viewing platform of the edge room.    

What all exciting is inside it?

For those looking to take their excitement to new heights (look at what we did there), City Climb lets you scale the skyscraper’s appearance by over 1200 feet. Edge is a marvel of architecture, engineering and technology, suspended in the air over 1,100 feet above the ground, giving you the feeling of floating in the sky. Located at level 100 of the building, Edge (often called “The Edge”) is suspended in mid-air, giving you the unique feeling of floating in the sky.    

Its meteoric rise in popularity is partly due to the emergence of the Edge, an open-air observation deck near the top of the complex’s tallest building. Edge has evolved from being an observation point to an active space for locals, appreciated not only for its location but also for its spatial capabilities. 

Due to its exceptional location, The Edge offers unique views of Queens and Brooklyn, Western New York. There is no shortage of places to admire the Big Apple cityscape, but The Edge brings something entirely new for New York.   

Experience New York from Edge’s whole new (and completely mind-blowing) perspective. We’ll tell you all about the opening of Edge and what it feels like to stand on a glass platform 1,100 feet above New York City. We’ll discuss exactly what you can expect from visiting Edge at sunset, including location, elevator ride, views, and general experiences.    

You can then decide if Edge at Hudson Yards is an NYC Observation Deck to get to and include it on your list of the best things to do in NYC. Edge is located at 30 Hudson Yards, within the Hudson Yards complex on the west side of Manhattan. The photo book includes two photos taken for you and several sections with fun facts and information about The Edge and Hudson Yards. The launch was widely shared on social media to those tagging the Hudson Yards location on their Instagram to see this new attraction.  

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