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Even though Malibu is known for its elegance and chic, it retains a very relaxed beach town vibe. We are so lucky that Malibu is just a short drive from the hotel. Here are some of my recommendations.    


There is nothing better than starting a beautiful day overlooking the California coastline. Start your Malibu adventure with a straightforward walk and stunning views. An additional bonus: beach breeze and sound of waves.    

It costs $10 to park on the beach, and the trail entrance is at the end of the parking lot. You will not miss it. 


El Matador is not a vital beach. In fact, there is no doubt that Matador is my favourite beach in the world! The coast is shining, and the beach is a gradient from dark blue to bright turquoise.    

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The rocks are generally magnificent. We enjoyed going out to the “caves” for a short break from the sun. If possible, walk on weekdays to avoid crowds. This beach is much more excellent when it is calm.   


Outdoor playground with life-size chess and other games, a mini artificial lake with waterfall and pedal boat (yes, I know, so expensive! It’s a definitely unique atmosphere and nothing like Los Angeles. The bar is very nice. There is also a barbecue -Truck on site, which I would recommend at the bar. We usually come to enjoy drinks and games (and gram).    


Malibu Wines offers a guided tour of Saddlerock Ranch and Malibu Vineyard in outdoor safari vehicles. There are several stops to admire the views, get a taste and see many animals up close and in person – why, yes, what is a safari without animals? In addition, you will have to meet the famous Stanley the giraffe! Malibu Wines offers two options: a 2-mile outdoor hike where you can admire vineyards, gardens, Saddlerock Ranch rock carvings and my favourite part: WINE. 

They also offer a 2-hour guided 4×4 tour that includes snacks, drinks and wine to go. Each vehicle can accommodate up to 5 people, so this option is great for groups.   

BICYCLE EXCURSIONS IN MALIBU. Drive through the vineyards of the Malibu mountains, with many stops along the way to enjoy views and drinks. The tour includes pedal electric bike rental and is approximately 2 miles with some inclines.    

Located in the West Hills, it offers Semler and Saddlerock wines, a variety of local and regional craft beers, and weekend food. 


Simple Mall Malibu has a wonderful challenging seafood mix with an extensive menu including fresh oysters (yes), caviar, sea urchins and crab claws, their lobster rolls and oysters. 

Don’t let the atmosphere fool you; the menu items are quality (and quite expensive !, Lol). The famous lobster roll and fried potatoes ordered hot with butter or cold with mayonnaise are the public’s favourite dish. Add uni and/or caviar on top!    


Villa Getty invites you to experience ancient Greek and Roman art in a setting that recreates a first-century Roman villa. My favourite is the beautiful garden, which is well worth a visit. We love to have picnics in the park of the Getty Villa.    

They have events for everyone: conferences, shows, family events and even afternoon tea! Admission is free, but a timed ticket is required. You can book through their website. 


Head to the beautiful private beach seating area to uncork the bottles on the beach. You can reserve various sun loungers, small beach huts, sun loungers and an outdoor dining area overlooking the beach. While the food is pretty basic (ribs, coconut prawns, tender chicken vibes), it blends perfectly with the ambience of the entire establishment.  

Some families, couples, groups of friends. Sometimes a short day trip is not enough.    


I highly recommend staying on Airbnb for a quick vacation, especially Carbon Beach, also known as Billionaires Beach. Unlike other homes on the Malibu coast, the homes here are built directly on the sand, so no walls block the view.   


 Lovely beach in Malibu where our puppies are admitted! There is nothing more to say except that my puppy enjoyed spending time at Staircase Beach, and we are frequent guests.   


Nobu is right on the beach, and the sea view is fantastic. I recommend booking 45 minutes before sunset because the scenery here is truly an unforgettable experience! Although the food is good, it is not the best Japanese food in town and definitely not worth the money.    

Go for it in Little Tokyo. Come to Nobu Malibu to take in the views, see potential celebrities, and put on trendy pants. 

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