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Hiking is a great way to get out and explore, but you should still be sure that you’re doing it in the right place.

Most of us have restricted our travel this year due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors; hiking can be a great way to exercise outside while staying away from other people.   

We’ve only covered hikes of 10 miles or less, so you don’t need to spend more than a day on the trail, plus every track on this list offers more than just exercise – we’ve also included what you should see on each course.    

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Trail of Tears National Recreation Trail – Tennessee

This one is short, but it offers the real deal; you’ll get to wander through a forest with towering trees and take in some beautiful scenery.

Appalachian Trail – Georgia to Maine

This is the most popular hiking trail in America, so it’s no wonder that there are many options for this one!

Alabama: Mountain Laurel Trail

Walk along the River to the Rock Garden Outlook for stunning views of the Talladega National Forest. This is the perfect place to pick blueberries in autumn.   

Arizona: Soldiers Pass Trail No. 66

This trail takes you around Lake X and through the seven Sacred Pools and the Devil’s Kitchen, the most enormous funnel in Arizona. Other attractions include WPA passes and Sunrise Rock.    

California: Runyon Canyon Trail

This popular excursion offers panoramic views of Los Angeles and Hollywood signs – you can even see the Pacific Ocean on clear days – consider refueling your tour with almond milk from the best local coffee shop – follow Em Tiger and. Follow the celebrities along the way.   

Georgia: Tennessee Rock Trail

 Walkthrough a forest filled with wildflowers and experience stunning views of the dunes on this short trail that includes a rocky crevasse. A Must See: Stop halfway along this short trail to admire the impressive rocky coastline with tidal pools and cliffs.    

 Idaho: Third Fork Rock Creek Loop

Get breathtaking views of the River and waterfalls on this scenic trail, suitable for families and dogs.

Illinois: Little Grand Canyon Trail

A must-see: The ” Grand Canyon of Hawaii” is a majestic canyon on the westernmost island of Hawaii. 

Indiana: Clifty Falls 8,3,4,5 Loop

. Come back in winter for skiing just off the slopes. A must-see: there are several large waterfalls worth visiting – Hoffman Falls.   

Iowa: Horseshoe Bluff Nature Trail

The Julien Dubuque Monument at the northern end of the trail and the old quarry at the southern end of the course – which runs along the Mississippi River – are beautiful hikes, biking or horse riding. 

Louisiana: Comite Park Trail

Experience the wonders of the Bayou on this lovely coastal trail, but don’t forget to brush off with insect repellent – it can get wet.    

Maine: Beehive Loop Trail

You can’t miss birds here; beware of puffins and black-billed green songbirds. 

Maryland: Maryland Heights Loop

Along the way, you will undoubtedly want to see historical artefacts of the Civil War, including artillery batteries and a stone fort. You will get many beautiful views of the Potomac.    

Massachusetts: Braintree Pass Path

The trail runs through hemlock groves, laurel mountains and a cedar bog. An old hole in the cellar marks Glover Estate, where farmers settled hundreds of years ago. Afterwards, travel to Boston to the Boston Public Market, a must-see at the local farmers market in the state.

Michigan: Chapel Loop

 You’ll want to see the landmark the trail is named after, as well as the limestone arches, flanking the coast, including Lovers’ Leap. 

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