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Bryant Park

Visitors loved them so much last year that Bryant Park extended the dates. A new batch of tickets is issued every day for dates two weeks in advance. New skate booking dates will be posted ongoing throughout the season.   

What is the entry fees?

According to the Ocean Ice Palaces website, tickets cost $10 per ride and last about 10 minutes. The current time can be found on the Ocean Ice Palace website. 

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Are there restrictions if I want to participate?

If you are interested in participating, the minimum height is 4 feet, and the maximum weight is 300 pounds.    

From 7 years and older only, you must be at least 42 inches tall and under 300 pounds. Drivers must be at least 7 years old and 42 inches tall. Children must be at least three years old to drive with an adult; They also have a private room where they can. New York City regulations require proof of vaccination to enter certain indoor areas.    

Where is the bumper car parking?

This temporary rear bumper parking guard can be used for indoor parking in New York City, outdoor parking, valet parking, and outdoors such as street parking. Bumper ice cars enter the skating rink every day of the week but are cleared at different times to make room for traditional ice skating.    

Cars collide and slide on the ice rink, colliding with each other. And the way they glide across the Ice so smoothly is like a curling stone. Unlike the more traditional bumper car, the bumper collision experience on Ice is very smooth because the slippery surface allows cars to hit and slide.    

So, spin and push your family and spin them on the Ice. With 360-degree rotation capability, it’s a safe and fun way to entertain the whole family. Kids can turn, slide, push and ride around the track in the colourful tube-shaped bumper cars.   

Toddlers will dig for spinning cars, Pirate Island, Helicopters, Viking Journey and Carousel, as well as a new carousel, the Sports Tower. Tickets are on sale now for Bryant Park’s favourite activity to spin, slide and clap this winter. Please find out more about getting tickets and other seasonal activities in our winter activities guide. Please find out more about how to get tickets and other seasonal activities in our Winter Activities Guide for all the details on the best ice skating and sledging rinks in the United States.    

What are the rentals for skating?

Full skating costs 10 per person per entry and includes skate rental for 90 minutes. Bumper cars at the split rink cost 15 per person and include skate, and unlimited bumper car rides for a 90-minute session.    


The centre offers Bump-N-Skate, the opportunity to skate on a piece of Ice and ride on ice cars from 9:00 to 20:00. The Spanaway Sprinker Recreation Center is one of only 13 places in the country to have Ice. But luckily, you can find them both in the same place at the Avon Ice Rink located in Washington Township Park.    

Take your whole family to practice ice skating on one of the most beautiful ice rinks. It’s also great for those who may not be the best at skating but still want to have some fun on the Ice. Whether you love track racing or your passion for bumper cars, Go Kart Raceways has options for all levels of enthusiasts, from specially designed tracks and courses for young drivers to professional tracks for professionals with extensive track experience.  

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