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Iceland Vacations is one of the most loved countries across the world. The place sparks the visitors with its picturesque landscapes, active volcanos, bubbling geysers, crystalline ice caves. The most astonishing place that offers ice and fire on the same land. The population of the country is nearly 450,350 with the longest life expectancy as compared to the other countries. Iceland is the cleanest country in the world.

The best season to visit Iceland is between September and October as the world’s famous northern lights cast dreamy colors in the sky. Packages for Iceland vacations will cost around $700-$1400 per couple for 6 nights and seven days excluding flights.

The top highlights of Iceland vacations are:

  • Get exposure to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik- a fun and exciting city full of museums, galleries, and concerts.
  • Marvel at the magnificent glacier-capped volcanos, utter basal-cliffs, and lava fields of the snaefellsness peninsula.
  • Perfect hiking trails, skiing, rafting, caving, and horse rides at Akureyri.
  • An ancient town close to the arctic circle has amazing natural beauty and is also best for fishing.
  • Conciliate yourself at naturally warm water of the Myvatn nature baths, an Iceland hot spring near the awe-inspiring lake Myvatn.
  • Discover in real with puffins and watch herds of wild reindeer in the remote eastfjords region.
  • Mount to the top of the skogafoss waterfall for mesmerizing views of Iceland’s southern coastline.

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Travel tips for Iceland vacations.

  • There are many affordable direct flights from major US hubs to Iceland check out deals from WOW Air and Icelandair. The rates can drop to $99 one-way.
  • The perfect way to explore Iceland is by car. Do book an escorted Iceland tour to see the best majestic attractions.
  • If one plans to travel around Iceland by car. Keep in mind that your budget can rise as gas is imported and can be expensive.
  • Keep clothes of all four seasons. The temperature in Iceland is unpredictable.
  • Credit cards are accepted all over Iceland. Do check your card has a chip and pin.
  • For going around glaciers, book an experienced guide for the tour.

Touristy things in Iceland vacations

  1. Plunge in blue lagoon

The most famous geothermal spa in the world is in Iceland. The ethereal blue water distinct plainly with surroundings of black lava fields as well the steamy clouds make it a magical setting for a few hours of relaxation. The mineral-rich waters can do wonders for the skin. The place is open all year round with a maintained temperature of 39C. one must pre-book as it is the most visited place in Iceland.

  • Witness Northern lights

Stranded at the top of the world, on the corner of the arctic circle. Island is one of the remotest places on the planet, which makes it the best place to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). In other words, dancing colorful lights appears in particles when the sun is trapped in the earth’s magnetic field. The scenic view of wonderful lights will be in your remembrance for a lifetime. The best season to witness northern lights are from September to March. When there are long nights of up to 20 hours a day. So, plan your Iceland vacations accordingly to not miss the delightful experience.

  • Hop to the Vatnajokull Glacier

This glacier is almost 3000 square miles of spiked mountains, deep crevasses, and massive icebergs floating in glacial lagoons. This magical scenery is best experienced on an ushered hike. You can have a chance to see the glacial sculptures too close and explore the raw power of their natural wonders. The guide will offer ice crampons to link with your boots. One must wear multiple layers to keep them warm and hiking boots that have a thick sole and should cover the ankles. The price of the hike depends upon the services included and the experience of the guide.

  • Explore lake Myvatn

The shallow lake is covered with wetlands. It is one of Iceland’s eco-friendly assorted areas. The ragged lava rocks are home to various birds, especially in the summer season when migratory birds come calling. Explore Krafla caldera, a wonderful lake that offers an intense different landscape of forested areas and lush pastures.

Some of the Iceland vacations tour packages.

Both seasons are considered best to visit Iceland. Summers are best for touring at almost any place in Iceland. Although winters have their magic. However, Iceland takes a lot of money to visit even in the offseason.

Summers- July to August

The best and most explored tie to visit Iceland is in the summers. When the sun rises at 3 am and sets around midnight. The weather is adequate with almost temperatures in the 50s and 60s. however, if you are planning to visit in this peak season, be ready to witness the crowd at the famous attractions.

Winters- October to March

The winter season that extends from October to March is considered a good season to visit Iceland. The island receives maximum rainfall. Although winters in Iceland are not roughly cold because of the Atlantic currents alongside. December is perfectly the best time to visit in winter and also to witness northern lights. You can get airfares, hotels, and activities at a cheaper rate because of the offseason.

Some of the best hotels from luxury to budgeted

  1. Grandi by center hotel
  2. Oddson hotel
  3. Hotel Muli
  4. Torfhus Retreat, Golden circle
  5. Sandhotel, Reykjavik
  6. Kvosin Downtown hotel, Reykjavik
  7. Ion Adventure hotel, Nesjavellir
  8. Tower Suites, Reykjavik
  9. The Retreat by Blue Lagoon
  10. Umi Hotel, Hvolsvollur

Iceland vacations tour looks very different depending upon which season you are visiting. you visit again at the different season you will witness completely new country. If the northern lights are a huge attraction in winters then in summers you will enjoy adequate temperature with longer days of sunlight.

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