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Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience takes place at Pullman Yard until the end of the year. Van Gogh’s long-awaited film The Spectacular Experience has made its debut at Atlanta’s historic Pratt-Pullman Yard industrial complex. 

Atlanta is the first location in North America to host the internationally acclaimed show in Europe and Asia. It will open nationwide in the coming months. Part museum, part 360-degree immersive digital show and part hands-on session; the exhibition takes guests on a journey through the life of the Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, including his inspirations, struggles and contributions to the art world.    

Looking at various cities to launch in the United States, Mario Jacampo, the show’s producer and CEO of Exhibition Hub, who once lived in Atlanta, though it was the perfect fit. And while the first time he visited the 20,000-square-foot Pullman Yard building, the over 100-year-old building had no doors and a leaking roof, it fit his vision (and has since been refurbished and is now conditioner).   

“It reminded me so much of the many cathedrals we built in Europe,” he says of the space. The building adds a layer of texture to the experience.” 

Want to know what visitors are up to?

 Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience Atlanta will run until the end of 2021, and anyone intending to experience it should make a reservation. There is so much buzz around this show that tickets are selling fast, with over 225,000 tickets already sold.   

Standard tickets start at $19.10 for children and $32.20 for adults and can be purchased at https://vangoghexpo.com/atlanta/. Digital tokens are distributed through the Fever app, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Plan to spend an hour and a half diving. Those interested in educational elements can spend a little more time reading Van Gogh’s detailed life story and inspiration.    

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The highlight is the 35-minute immersive section, which is repetitive. Guests can find a seat in the cathedral-like central hall to watch more than 300 of Van Gogh’s works come to life projected on the two-story walls in original music by Dutch composer Thomas Sochet. Pay an extra $5 (or buy a VIP ticket) for a 10-minute virtual reality experience that takes you through a day in the artist’s life and see the places that inspired him to create some of his most iconic paintings, including the “Night Terrace Cafe” “. and starry night. 

“I don’t like rules,” Jacampo says. “I tried to design the exhibition in such a way that once you get tickets, you can get there at your own pace.” However, there are some basic rules, including no food and drink and no smoking or smoking inside the building. Photos are allowed without flash.    

Strollers with umbrellas are welcome, but parents are discouraged from bringing anything more with them. Organizers have designed the experience in a way that minimizes the risk of Covid, including severely limiting building capacity (through temporary tickets) and frequent sanitization of high traffic areas. Guests must wear a face mask inside, and hand sanitizers are available. VR goggles are disinfected between uses for VR immersion, and guests receive a disposable Google insert for added hygiene.    

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