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Jamaica Travel Requirements-Jamaica has allowed entry for international travelers, yet some necessary restrictions are to be ensured that everyone follows. The negative test of covid-19 or antigen test must be provided within 3 days of departure. Therefore, travelers are reassured to provide an immigration/customs C5 card online before arrival for faster processing time on arrival.

Jamaica has allowed entry for some limited countries, domestically Jamaica’s travel requirements vary between regions with areas of tourism more slacken. The flights are still suspended from some of the countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, India, Chile, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Peru. 

 The government of Jamaica has taken some measures to protect the people from spreading the coronavirus. There is a night curfew till 5 am. Social gatherings are limited to only 10 people indoor and maximum of 100 people for outdoor events. Face masks are mandatory in public places, enclosed environments, and on public transportation. Restaurants and bars are working at half of the capacity. Markets are opened with adequate safety measures like the use of hand sanitizer and social distancing.

Pre-departure tests are mandated for partially or unvaccinated travelers within 72 hours before departure, those who are fully vaccinated need to show the vaccination certificate for proof and will be allowed entry at the airport.

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Jamaica on arrival has a quarantine requirement of 14 days and must assure proof of vaccination. Travelers can be asked to pay for insurance fee of $40USD to cover the expense for quarantine if required.

According to the new rules and regulations, Jamaica has opened the entry for the following:

– Travelers are forced to pay the cost of a test that ranges between $60 to $100 for antigen test and $150 to $ 230 for PCR test.      

– The result of the test varies from location written reports often are delayed or not available.

– For magnanimous exclusion to CDC’s requirements that all U.S. bound passengers should provide a negative test report. The magnanimous exemption is granted on extremely limited criteria and will only be allowed when the departure country does not have proper covid-19 testing capacity.

– The Jamaican travel agency has stated the need for entry into the country that if a traveler is found positive he/she has to go into isolation and quarantine at the lodging accommodation or at facilities that are provided by the government. Travelers who will undergo isolation will have to pay the cost of accommodation. The isolation period will vary from 5 to 10 days.

– After the 5th-day test will be conducted, if the person again came positive he will have to stay for another 5 days in isolation. During the isolation period, the person cannot leave the quarter for any reason, only the Jamaican government has the authority to release the people whenever the report comes negative. 

– At the end of the 10th day, covid-19 positive people will be provided with fit to fly letter without further testing, it will be reliable to the symptoms.

The U.S.A. has given some specific information regarding Jamaica’s travel requirements

  1. The authority of the united states advises the citizens not to travel to Jamaica for some time as the safety and health conditions related to covid-19, inclusive of isolation and quarantine conditions.
  2. The facility of medical and health services in Jamaica are very limited.
  3. All the travelers will be limited to an island only because the government of Jamaica has arranged a resilient corridor for the visitors.

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