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The history of each of the U.S.A.’s most iconic milestones, attractions, and states is filled with hidden facts.

– One of the most shocking facts is that the Statue of Liberty was initially designed to be a Muslim woman called “Egypt Enlightening the World.”

– Mount Rushmore was originally going to be in shape like an Indian head.

– The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD, is one of the most bizarre attractions. It is full of murals made of corn.

– There is a fictional town in Virginia called “Potterville,” where the street names are all Harry Potter

Be sure to ask a local before assuming you know them all!


This is why no airline loses track of over 99% of its luggage. A small percentage may be delayed, but they’ll eventually make it home on the same day. Only a small fraction of the luggage dropped off at Alabama’s Unclaimed Baggage Center is ever claimed by its owners and ends up on display there. Stop by Scottsboro to see left-behind clothes, jewelry, electronics, and knick-knacks to try and take home a bargain.



Juneau is not as easily accessible as other areas because the terrain is rugged and challenging to drive in. Although this means it might not be your ideal vacation destination, there are many things to do there that make up for the difficulty in getting around.


Other types of cactus are pretty widespread, but the Saguaro can only be in Arizona. It makes for a good experience at Saguaro National Park near Tucson, one of Arizona’s underrated gems



You can find diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park near Murfreesboro. Even though the odds of finding one are low, you could end up with a real jewel.

California: The Golden Gate Should Have Had Stripes

Golden Gate Bridge was originally seen as a major security threat by the U.S Military but it has now become an invaluable traffic safety asset that is also painted red for better visibility.

The architect argued for orange, and the rest is the history of San Francisco.



For a rare glimpse of the never-ending Rocky Mountains, head west to America’s highest paved road. This epic stretch of pavement that reaches just north of 14,000 feet provides an unparalleled perspective on Mount Evans National Park and Leadville—America’s highest town.


It would be best if you visited Mystic for many reasons, one being the opportunity to see St. Edmund’s arm. Visit Chapel of Our Lady of Assumption at Saint Edmund’s Retreat where you can learn more about the person it used to be attached to and see the arm itself.”



Delaware boasts some of the flattest terrains in the U.S., with an average elevation of just 60ft. It beats out Louisiana and Florida, which are classified as “lowlands” by comparison.


With over 1000 miles of coast, sunny Florida owns the most coastline of any state in the contiguous United States. And it doesn’t matter where you are in this great state, as there’s always a beach nearby – you can’t be more than 60 miles away!



The Varsity is the most significant drive-in restaurant globally and happens to be located in downtown Atlanta. They offer over 600 spots for cars to pull up, as well as a classic ATL vibe. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get served some Coca-Cola products!


The height of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea is 33,000 feet when measured from the bottom of its submerged base to its summit. Mount Everest, which was stabilized by the deep ocean surge and made taller, is the world’s tallest mountain. Visit this unique place to see a fascinating lunar landscape and a few aspects of snow.


They may share Hells Canyon with Oregon and Washington, but it’s still in Idaho. It has a height of nearly 8,000 feet and is one of the state’s most significant natural attractions.


Even though Chicago is known as one of America’s largest cities, it also has a beautiful coastline with beaches visited by sunbathers, volleyball players, and beach bar lovers.

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