How to plan a trip while having a Paradox of choices?

 According to studies, Humans tend not to have too many choices; we try to settle to the same options repeatedly because we don’t want to be standing stuck between the aisle of choices.

Different studies say humans make more efficient choices when they are limited rather than closer to unlimited. There is a level of information and choice overload. That is, satisficing as a choice becomes an alternative to pursuing every option available. We are somewhere between wanting choices; we neither wish to make too many decisions nor want one choice.

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What is a Paradox of choices situation?

The paradox of choices becomes real when there are at least a hundred different kinds of places you can/want to visit. Some places are the places you have been dreaming of going to; some are nearby, some are far but better, some are the best places you already been, while some have great weather for your holiday but too far or some are near but too hot. With many destinations on your table, you either end up not going to any or settling on something you already visited once.

You have a short vacation in your hand, and you are just sitting on your couch, confused. Where to go? Where to skip this time, where the weather is pleasant, where it is not? All these questions revolve around your mind and do not at all help you choose the right destination for you.

How do your thoughts of choices affect you paradoxically, and how to tackle it?

Paradoxically, when presented with many options, the likelihood of making the optimal selection diminishes. Some attribute this to paralysis by analysis. Others believe that humans have a limited capacity to make informed decisions. Beyond a certain level of effort, the selection made will optimize the best guess and least effort.

 The only exception is that you do not influence what happens. Second, narrow your options to a few choices that are likely good ones and get more information. List the possible outcomes of each alternative and choose one where the odds of success are in your favour, and the downside isn’t catastrophic. The more information you have, the better the quality of data is likely to be. Also, realize that many of our most important decisions made at the subconscious level. If you aren’t under any time pressure, let your subconscious work on it, and someday, the answer may appear.

Finally, don’t get in the habit of becoming habitually indecisive and waiting until you have all of the information. 

Remember, the biggest villain of a grand plan is the dream of a perfect plan.

What all measure you can take when you face a paralysis analysis situation when planning to travel.

When stuck in a paradox of choices, firstly, stay calm. 

We have come up with an aisle of things that might help you while you are lost planning your best trip.

Admire and respect the different choices. No matter how many days, hours you spend making a choice, you might think about selecting the destination you didn’t make. The more you would make different new choices, the more you will get further options. You can not be everywhere at the same time, right? 

Take out your notes and start making a list. You need to make a list of at least the top ten places you want to visit during this vacation.

Check your schedule and your dates. You would need to figure out how many leave days you are getting or how many days you plan to trip. The more days you will have, the more options for your destinations you get.

Check the time of the year. Check if the places you wish to visit are experiencing good weather. What if you come up with the destination you want to see, but it’s too hot for this vacation time.

Hunt for cheap flights and mode of travel. The less you would spend on your travelling, the more you would get to spend on your trip. So, think wisely.

Why not travel everywhere when you can then choosing different places. Try prioritizing your sites you wish to visit soon because traveling and exploring won’t stop. The more you travel, the more new destination you would have.

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