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There are travel restrictions in many countries to stop spreading the new variant Omicron across their nation.  Hawaii have made some travel restrictions for the travelers coming from outside the U.S. it consists of major Hawaiian islands like Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai.

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The Hawaii government is closely keeping eye on this new variant Omicron. The government has also implemented that boosters are now considered part of fully vaccination for travel. The travelers should be fully vaccinated as well as have taken shot of immunity booster to travel to Hawaii. If traveler is from the U.S. they have advantages like boosters are not mandatory. Still travelers should continue of using Hawaii safe travels program and also must follow the mentioned rules to provide proof of vaccination. For non- vaccinated travelers across the world  there are rules and requirement for Hawaii pre-travel testing . However all unvaccinated travelers will be asked to go through 5 days quarantine if they fail to complete the quarantine time you will be fined with $5000or imprisonment. If you have recovered from covid-19 , they have set some rules for travel to Hawaii.

Recently, as of 4th February  2022, Hawaii government has reached to 75% of vaccination rate and 35% rate of boosters are shot to the residents. The cases in Hawaii have currently are coming down as compared to mid of January 2022.

In flight and arrival at Hawaii restrictions

  1.  24 hours before the departure, a health questionnaire has to be answered on your travel accounts. This requirement will be end by 4th February 2022.
  2. While in flight, travelers should follow the guidance of their air carrier for physical distancing, mask is mandatory and sanitization process.
  3. All the travelers upon arrival will be examined for their temperature. It will be scanned through thermal temperature screenings and facial imaging technology. Pictures will be temporarily taken for persons with temperature above 100.4 degrees F to help airport executives identify them and regulate additional assessments.
  4. Travelers with temperature of 100.4 or above and showing symptoms of covid-19 will be asked to examine for second screenings at the airport by trained health care staff.
  5. Travelers who will arrive from trans pacific flights without covid -19 negative report from the state of Hawaii trusted testing partners list or is not fully vaccinated will be subjected to go through five days mandatory self quarantine. (this will be only applicable for the U.S citizens).

Hawaii government have signed a new covid-19 emergency proclamation . it also adds that cruise ship passengers must persist by safe travels Hawaii program requirements. Few weeks earlier Hawaii have recorded their highest number of cases. The government have added some strict rules like wearing masks and assuring the travelers to get vaccinated or else should have negative PCR report within 72 hours before arrival to Hawaii. With the help of these measures the number of cases within Hawaii has been reduced since last week.

All countries have their own measures to beat noble coronavirus. One of the country has came with drastic changes is Maui island, Molokai and Lanai . people or are fully vaccinated including booster shots are only allowed to go inside restaurants, pools and gyms including the locals of the island. This rule is only implemented in these island across the state.

On Oahu island vaccination certificate or negative report of Covid-19 is required for entry in pubs restaurant and entertainment zones.

Hawaii island have limited their social gatherings for indoor is 10 people and outdoor are 100 people at a time. While Kuai limits its gathering to 40 for indoors and 100 people for outdoors. 

If you are very keen to travel to Hawaii island at this point of time you must go through their official site before planning the trip and should carry all vaccination certificates and negative report of Covid-19.

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