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Lake of Clouds

The lake is situated in a valley between two ranges of the Porcupine Mountains. 

The lake is a park’s hallmark and can be seen at Lake of the Clouds overlooking the western end of the former M-107 highway in Michigan. The state park occasionally hosts night sky observations over the lake. The lake is fed at its eastern end by the Carp Inlet River, and its western end is drained by the Carp River, which empties into Lake Superior at the boundary of Ontonagon and Gogebeek County.   

Surrounded by the silhouettes of the ancient Porcupine Mountains, Cloud Lake is a blue gem amidst dense forests. In late spring and summer, the valley below is bathed in the emerald green of an old forest, while in autumn, the trees bloom in a fiery palette of oranges, yellows and reds. 

Cloud Lake is the most photographed attraction in the Porcupine Mountains State Wildlife Park and is one of the most photographed in the Upper Peninsula. Cloud Lake is easily accessed via a fully accessible observation deck and can also be accessed via the Big Carp River Trail and the Escarpment Trail. Lago Delle Nuvole is also famous for its perch fishing.   

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The lake is for catch and releases only, and there are no boat rentals on site. You can take a light jet ski with you on a 3/4 mile hike.   

Cloud Lake Cloud Lake is one of the best hiking spots in Porcupine Mountains State Park and all of Michigan. Walk just a short distance along the beautiful path that winds through the forest, or follow the ADA driveway to the escarpment and see the majesty of Cloud Lake hundreds of meters below. Access to the observation deck requires a Michigan Recreation Passport. The lake is fed from the eastern end by the Carp River and eventually flows into Lake Superior at Ontonagon and Gogebeek County.   

Over 80 miles of marked trails offer incredible scenery at every turn. The routes include four secluded lakes, waterfalls and surrounding high peaks. Porky is a beautiful refuge in the wild at any time of the year.    

There is a new visitor centre off Southbound Road to educate people about features and activities throughout the park. There is also a mini-museum and multimedia presentations within the theatre. 

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