The world is full of wonderful places and we all have a bucket list of places we want to experience. If you think that list is complete, think again. We are about to shake you off terra firma and take you to a whole new level. Like the song says, ‘it’s a whole new world’. There’s just one catch. It’s underground wonders. Ready to explore?

Explorers have dug, burrowed, and explored new places and have found some real gems for us – an underground waterfall, an underground cave, a mountain, etc. Here’s a brief list for you.

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1 Longyou Grotto, China

Discovered by accident, Longyou Grotto is a series of man-made underground caves in China. These caves were originally found by a villager in the year 1992 and were flooded. Over the years, the government has taken the initiative to open, clean, and drain the routes for tourists. Upon further discovery and understanding of the place revealing that they go back to at least 2,000 years.

2 Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Also, the world’s largest cave, Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is a world in itself. The cave is over 5.5 miles long, has a jungle and river of its own, and could fit a 40-story skyscraper within its walls easily. This too was only discovered in 1991 but wasn’t explored until 2006. It also has a stunning range of flora and fauna.

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3 Puerto Princesa Underground River, Philippines

Arguably the longest navigable river underground, the Puerto Princesa is located in the Philippines, under the island of Palawan, and attracts many visitors throughout the year. It is said that a million years ago, the river found its way through the caverns and caves.

4 Ozarks Caverns, USA

State Park? Who would think that a state park would operate underground? Well, don’t be shocked because there is one in Missouri. Home to many amazing caves and caverns, The Ozarks Caverns in Missouri is a miracle that happened due to the natural drainage system. The Angel Showers is a unique feature and experience that is offered by these caverns where illusions enable you to believe that water is coming out of the ceiling.  

5 Forestiere Underground Gardens, USA

Baldassare Forestiere wanted to escape his father, and that’s why he ran away from his home in Sicily to the US in 1901. He then bought 80 acres of land and worked on it. Through years and years of digging, burrowing, and working, Forestiere created catacombs like the people from ancient civilizations he admired. The place somehow bloomed with flowers and trees, thereby resulting in a robust Forestiere Underground Gardens.

6 Turda Salt Mines, Romania

The second-largest city in Romania homes the epic Turda Salt Mines – a miracle that was first explored in the 17th century. Since its discovery, it has been transformed into several things as per the convenience of those who were looking after it – a cheese factory, bunker during WWII, an underground theme park, etc. It is now an adventure space with mini-golf and ping pong tables where people come to spend their time.

7 Reed Flute Cave, China

Another vibrant gem from China, the Reed Flute Cave, known as “the Palace of Natural Arts” is a major tourist attraction in China and not just now, but for nearly 1200 years. This 180-year-old natural cave made of limestone with varying lighting arrangements along with multi-colored stalagmites and stalactites creates a gorgeous view

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