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When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave the green light to travel abroad after the COVID-19 vaccine to get the right to travel, many vaccine-aware Americans were busy planning trips. But there is a lot to consider when deciding to travel to parts of the world where the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread. Vaccinated travellers have protection against viruses that have a delta variant. New CDC data suggests that vaccinated people spread the delta variant more quickly than others.    

“We have an international obligation to protect and work together. Even if you are covering yourself while traveling, you are still a vector for transmitting the virus to others.  

Health authorities recommend waiting at least two weeks between receiving an entire course or one or two vaccinations (depending on the type of vaccine) of the COVID-19 vaccine before a person contemplates vaccination. When deciding where to travel, health authorities recommend following all Covid 19 precautions, such as wearing a mask, socializing, washing hands, and avoiding crowds.    

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Many countries allow fully vaccinated U.S. travellers to visit and accept official CDC-issued vaccination certificates as proof of vaccination. Once vaccinated, people do not have to quarantine themselves when returning to the U.K. Still, as national and local regulations require, travelers may have to take a negative COVID-19 test before boarding a flight out of the state. The CDC has issued a recommended vaccination test for travellers three to five days before an international trip.   

Travel policies will continue to change, so travellers should check their destination’s official or CDC website before travelling. In addition to excluding COVID 19 vaccinations and tests, some countries may require travellers to follow local public health guidelines. You might also want to consider taking out travel insurance.   

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Georgia is open to fully vaccinated citizens from many countries, including the U.S. Therefore, vaccinated travelers arriving on land or sea must provide proof of vaccination and a positive COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival. Unvaccinated visitors can travel to Georgia from an approved country. Passengers must prove that they have been fully vaccinated. All unvaccinated travelers must take a negative Covid 19 test 72 hours after arrival and a follow-up test on the third day in the country.   

Costa Rica

Travelers to Costa Rica must bring an official COVID vaccination certificate stating that they have been vaccinated within two weeks. Thus, it provides proof of a negative COVID-19 test, which carry out within 96 hours of arrival or 48 hours after a rapid response examination. Vaccinated travellers from the United States can visit Costa Rica without showing their vaccination certificate. Travelers will also have to fill in an online health passport stating that they have left the country within 90 days. For example, on a return flight or onward ticket. Unvaccinated travellers must prove that they have health insurance covering $50,000 worth of medical treatment for Covid-19. Along with $2,000 for quarantine at the lodge if they fall ill while in Costa Rica.    


Visitors must take a $50 COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport. Belize does not allow travelers from India or Bangladesh into the country. The country is open to unvaccinated travelers with a negative COVID-19 test carried out within three days of arrival. Therefore, travelers diagnosed with the virus within one month or before they develop symptoms. Vaccinated travelers visiting the country have no additional COVID + 19 entry requirements. Show Source Texts


Visitors arriving from Brazil or India must present a negative COVID-19 test that must be carried out for up to three days before arrival and quarantined at the entry point for ten days in Ecuador, regardless of their vaccination status. Please note that Ecuador only accepts RT-PCR tests and does not accept antigen tests. International travelers must provide proof of vaccination and a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of arrival to visit the Galapagos Islands. According to the U.S. Embassy, visitors to the islands must apply for a $20 transit control card issued by the Galapagos authorities. Travelers must work with a Galapagos tour operator to obtain a transit control card.    


With a few exceptions, Guatemala is open to fully vaccinated U.S. travelers. Guatemala is also available to unvaccinated visitors who have a negative COVID-19 test (which can take up to 72 hours after arrival) and have recovered from the virus within the last three months. Travelers who have visited Brazil, the U.K., or South Africa in the previous two weeks are refused entry. Show Source Texts Other countries on the American continent currently open are Mexico, Colombia, and Canada. 

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