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When deciding where to go with your partner, vacation and all so you should consider what components of a romantic getaway interest you the most, from places of interest and adventure to intimate settings and breathtaking views.    

Couples looking for an opportunity to fully relax together can opt for a beach holiday or a spa weekend in a beautiful location, while those looking for an unforgettable experience can finally book an African safari or a trip in search of the Northern Lights. Gourmet lovers will want to dine at fine Parisian restaurants or enjoy picturesque Portugal, while active travellers prefer skiing or snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. 

Whatever your travel style, 25 of the best family vacation options are here. Bali, also known as the “Island of the Gods”, is a versatile paradise with something for every type of couple. If your version of romance is a stroll through lush greenery, monkey forests, and rolling rice fields, you’re in luck.    

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Bali, Indonesia

Bali is also known for its nightlife if you think romance is dancing to DJ sets and light shows until the early hours. And if beaches are your thing, the variety of beaches on the island range from the white sand beaches on the south coast to the more unexpected black sand you’ll find on the north and west coasts. 

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a cloudy oasis that wraps travellers in an ethereal fantasy, so it’s no wonder it’s a popular choice with honeymooners looking for the perfect honeymoon destination. Island romance is practically for sale; wandering the hilly and weather-marked streets, you are surrounded by bright white walls and blue rooftops, and in the evening, you have front row seats for incredible sunsets. As soon as the sun goes down, the city is lit up with lights, and houses, churches, and restaurants shine like stars.    

Safari in Tanzania 

In addition to travelling to Tanzania to climb the intimidating Mount Kilimanjaro, many people visit the country for its fantastic wildlife conservation sites and national parks. On a safari, you and your partner can share some of the primates: see a lion for the first time, drive through the baobab-dotted African plains for the first time, meet a local tribe for the first time.  

Tulum, Mexico 

The two key pillars of many romantic getaways are intimacy and exotic experiences, and Tulum has both. You can alternate relaxing on tropical beaches, snorkelling at the nearby “water theme park”, Xel-Ha Park, swimming in a natural sinkhole (or cenote) and visiting Mayan ruins, which is one of the most unspoiled places of its kind. . After a day full of fun, adventure, or both, the icing on the cake is a drink at a jungle-like bar. The two key pillars of many romantic getaways are intimacy and immersive experiences, and Tulum has both.  

Whistler, Canada

You can head up into the mountains with numerous pistes of varying intensity, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the snow-covered trees from the sprawling gondolas, take a lunch break at a hut in the middle of the mountain, and end the day with après-ski in one of the sloped side lanes. If your legs are shaky after a day of skiing and an action-packed descent awaits you, there is much more to do at the foot of the mountains. Whistler Village is a lively walkable centre with bars, shops and restaurants. 

Cappadocia, Turkey

The little winter wonderland is as enchanting as the snow globe inside, and what better place for a romantic getaway? Nothing is more suitable than a landscape dotted with literally “fairy chimneys” for a fabulous holiday. In addition to the tall fairy chimneys, slender stone cones that dot the rocky outcroppings of Cappadocia, cave churches, underground cities, and rock-cut houses create a whimsical aura usually reserved for a fictional realm. 

Paris, France

There’s a reason most clichés have become clichés, and so has Paris’ romantic reputation. Looking at the couple’s photos in the City of Lights, you can almost see the cartoon hearts in their eyes as they hug in front of the Eiffel Tower. Paris goes hand in hand with romance, such as Valentine’s Day and chocolates, anniversary dinners and candlelit bistros, marriage proposals and world-famous monuments… it’s no coincidence that Paris is here.    

Hakone, Japan

Skyline of Hakone with mountain, river, clear sky and red train, a tour bus in Kanagawa-ken, Japan during daytime. While not as romantic for cherry blossom walks as its neighbour Kyoto, Hakone is a day trip from Tokyo and offers an intimate escape from city trips in the most relaxing way: spa resorts. 

Northern Lights Seeking in Northern Norway

 If you ever thought of stargazing as a romantic adventure, Northern Norway really ups the ante with its unique sky experiences.    

Covering about a third of Norway, this area is considered the best place to see the Northern Lights from autumn to mid-April, and the sun can still be seen late at night from May to July, a phenomenon known as the “Midnight Sun”. “If you dare, head further north to Svalbard, Europe’s northernmost inhabited region, and enjoy 24/7 daylight from April to August. On the other end of the spectrum, Svalbard The Valbar Islands have “polar nights” in January and February, when the night lasts about 24 hours, making the Northern Lights especially visible. If you decide to embark on this journey together, be aware: stargazing in your garden will not be so romantic anymore.   

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