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The Bay Area Discovery Museum, located on the Sausalito side of the Golden Gate Bridge, prides itself on its logical accreditations, with STEM shows (science, innovation, design, and math) that are “request-driven” and backed by research. However, the family-friendly gallery in Marin County also has a lot of fun: The historical centre. It is located on 7.5 acres of property in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and features intellectual experiences for children as young as a half year old and as old as ten years old.

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The gallery features seven distinct zones, including the 2.5-acre Lookout Cove (complete with tide pools, climbing paths, tunnels, and cobweb formations) and the creation-ready Art Studio, where kids can experiment with three-dimensional printers and laser cutters. The studio and its initiatives were founded on the belief that children are capable of complex learning typically reserved for middle school, secondary school, or even elementary school students. The younger ones are pleased with the outcome. The exhibition hall also offers gallery teacher-led Pop-Up Programs and six daily drop-in activities, such as the interactive Maker Labs, where kids can practice their design and building skills. Pop-Up Programs are available for babies aged 0 to 3.

Look at the historical centre’s calendar to observe the constantly changing offerings, which reveal inventive takes on classic science-gallery fun. For example, using artificial ice, the floor of one of the exhibition lobbies was transformed into an iceless skating rink one winter. Guests were given authentic ice skates, and numerous projects examining rubbing, the concept of ice liquefaction, and the logical qualities of snow were introduced. The annual STEM Superhero Festival, which promotes STEM skills to solve everyday problems, is one example of a recurring event. Furthermore, the historical centre hosts its Goblin Jamboree festival every Halloween, including an Inventors’ Workshop, Pumpkin Operations, and more.

Hit the Tot Spot

If you’re visiting the Bay Area Discovery Museum with small children, make a beeline for their dedicated location (the “Child Spot”), which is designed specifically for children and babies (up to 42 inches) to interact with others their size safely. The Tot Spot features an outside water play area and two themed inside rooms for younger children to explore. The Tot Spot’s primary challenge may be getting your child to leave!

Things To Do

You and your child will have infinite open doors for fun, innovative learning, and discovery during your stop at the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM), all of which are supported by the most recent early learning research. All BADM encounters are designed to be open-ended investigations, allowing you and your child to discover new interests together. Children ages 0 to 10 will find various normatively appropriate places that encourage learning and play throughout the Museum.

Keep a weather eye open in Lookout Cove.

Lookout Cove is one of the most fantastic jungle gyms you’ll ever see. If all else is equal, this nautical and privateer-themed room in the back of the historical centre is a favourite selection for kids. Investigate wrecks, looking for fortune, and residence in a crow’s nest. My toddler and I noticed that some of the climbing highlights were possibly too difficult for babies, so plan your visit accordingly.

BADM Beach and Mud Kitchen

These more recent programs include some enjoyable essential open-air play where your children can get dirty while having a good time. The BADM Beach provides guardians with a relaxing Adirondack chair to relax on as their children burrow and build, all while enjoying a breath-taking view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Mud Kitchen, located in the forested area up the slope from the boat (although it moves about), is a must-see for adventurous kids. To prepare the perfect mud pie, you’ll need bowls, spoons, pans, and skillets, as well as much soil and mud as you desire. If your youngster is the type to take a risky dive, have extra clothing on hand.

Get creative in Studios 5 and 10

The gallery, which comprises two spacious craftsmanship workshops, investigates craftsmanship as one of its primary goals. Children can participate in simple activities such as painting or playing with playdough. The craftsmanship studios also allow children to collaborate on larger three-layered projects that require various materials that parents are unlikely to have at home. While the crafting studios are appropriate for children of all ages, older children are likely to gravitate toward them.

Iceless Skate Rink

The best way to familiarise your kids with ice skating is without exposing them to the virus. Put on the one-of-a-kind shoes and skim, twist, and spin without worrying about falling through the ice. Non-weekend days provide a less crowded opportunity to participate in the arena. They’ll start offering 20-minute meetings with 35 people for each session when things grow busier. While you may have to wait in line, your children can pass the time by creating fluff palaces at the Imagination Playground, located just outside the arena.

Play by the Bay in Bay Hall

Children who enjoy transportation will enjoy exploring Bay Hall, which features numerous trains and boats. Children can envision collecting crabs on Fisherman’s Wharf or analysing the compartments in the Port of Oakland because the ports of San Francisco and Oakland are recreated here. A few massive wooden train tables are enormously popular among younger children.

And so much more

The new Gumnet Grove is a great play structure that will entice your 5- to 12-year-olds to climb, run, and slide as quickly as they can. Because young children will not mount the rope to go to the slide, you should avoid strolling over that way to prevent irritation. Take them to the outside painting area or the excellent impediment course to test their Ninja Warrior abilities on a smaller scale than imagined. Inside, there are numerous workshop labs and play areas where visitors may study and create with various media, ranging from sand to stamps and everything in between.

Food On-Site

Bean Sprouts Café is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Guests are welcome to purchase meals from our on-site café, Bean Sprouts, or bring their food with them whenever we are open. Whether purchased locally or carried from home, all food should be enjoyed in designated eating areas throughout the exhibition hall.

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