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In 1965, 100 years after the Civil War, the Maryland Forest and Park Service began developing the 1,046 acres of what would later become Point Lookout, State Park. Today, the park is a year-round camper experience that offers guests many outdoor activities and a long cultural and natural history that can be further explored at the Civil War Museum and Marshes Nature Center. 


Point Lookout State Park is located about 85 miles southeast of Washington, DC, at the far end of the peninsula formed between the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.   

The park is accessed via several main roads and paved roads that lead to the park entrance. Once in the park, visitors should be careful and watch out for low branches, as many streets are shaded by trees. 

Point Lookout State Park is very popular, so many visitors are on weekends and summer holidays. The park closes as soon as it fills up to total capacity. Visitors should remember to book the campsite in advance and arrive sooner rather than later.    

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What does the park offer you?

Around the park are several car parks at popular attractions such as the Civil War Museum and Fisherman’s Wharf. Due to its remoteness, there is no direct public transportation to the park, although a ferry runs from Point Lookout State Park to Smith Island, the only inhabited island in the Chesapeake Bay. Point Lookout State Park has 143 woodland campgrounds, 33 have electrical connections in the Green and Hoffman Loops. In addition, 26 sites within the Tulip Loop have residential sewer and water connections.    

Can I camp there?

Due to the popularity of this state park, campsites are in high demand, especially during the high season. Visitors will be required to make a reservation one year before arrival to ensure campsite availability. In addition, the park offers other amenities to campers and visitors, such as a camping store, a pet playground, and a playground.  

Can I get My furry friend?

Pets are allowed on most tracks, except the Lanier and Conoy tracks. Each campsite can accommodate up to six people, and there are several shared water taps on most trails. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the cottage. Point Lookout State Park visitors can enjoy a 240-acre area primarily used for deer hunting. To hunt in the area, visitors must hold a valid hunting license. Proper hunting stamps and permits are required for all seasons, and deer hunting with a bow is only permitted at the start of the muzzle-loading season.   

 Please note that all toilets close for the winter by November and reopen in April. During this time, portable toilets are available in the park.    

If you want to spend a few nights away from the camper, you can stay at one of the park’s six cabins. The cabins are located in the Conoy Loop and can accommodate up to four people each as they are equipped with a double bed and a bunk bed. While you can’t cook in the cabin, you can reheat food over an open fire. The houses have electricity and air conditioning, but no heating.  

Point Lookout State Park has a boat launching and fish cleaning station for visitors who love the water. The ramp is located on the shore of Lake Kony. After the launch, visitors can head through the lake entrance and into the Potomac River or head further north to Point Lookout Creek. Boats can launch 24 hours a day, but there are no ramp lights.   

Canoes can also be rented, and some supplies can be purchased from the camping shop in the park. For the more adventurous visitor, “haunted walks” are offered at various times of the year.  

Both the old Civil War POW camp and the lighthouse are haunted by the souls of those who died there. The lighthouse at Point Lookout State Park is one of Maryland’s most famous haunted locations and is featured on numerous paranormal TV shows. With any luck, adventurers will be able to witness some of the strange events happening at Point Lookout.    

 Point Lookout State Park

Point Lookout State Park has various fishing grounds, including a 710-foot-tall fishing pier. The pier closes from time to time; however, there are many other fishing opportunities in the park.  

Night fishing is popular among experienced anglers. Visitors with a valid permit can stay in the park after hours and enjoy night fishing from sunset to 6:00 am. However, every party member must have a license and actively fish.    

One of the most famous landmarks in Point Lookout State Park is the lighthouse. The lighthouse was built by John Donahoe in 1830 and is located at the north entrance of the Potomac River. Known as the Integral Lighthouse, it is the oldest of its kind in the United States. The lights were extended in 1880 but were never automated and were permanently turned off in 1965.  

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