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Summers always come with exciting breaks and traveling; however, this pandemic made it no vaccination, no vacation. Cooped in homes, it’s been more than a year that we all are just looking for ways to go back to our everyday lives. Don’t we miss our vacations? Well, we do. However, after the arrival of vaccines, things have been gradually coming back to normal. But, the measures are still needed and should be followed this COVID guidelines.

The first and foremost need is to get vaccinated and complete both your dozes before flying to your vacation destination. Well, countries are also applying rules on citizens to show their vaccine passports before entering the airports. 

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Whether you’re staying in a mainstream hotel or riding the airport shuttle, be sure to follow all the best practices for visiting safe and protecting others, including doubling up on masks and getting vaccinated as soon as possible,” Lieberman says.

Now that you are all ready and vaccinated to take a trip to your favorite place. Lets, go through all the safety measures you should consider while traveling. These measures will only help you have a healthy and safe trip to the location and back home. 

Without wasting any more seconds, go through the list below, pack your bags, and leave for your vacation.

 COVID Guidelines

Sort your traveling.

If you are traveling via a plane, check your budget to upgrade your economic class to a business one. “If you can afford a first-class seat, go for it. You not only have more room during the flight, but you’re also able to get off the plane sooner, which reduces exposure to others,” says Steve Swasey, the vice president of communications at Healthline. Although, if you are unable to upgrade, make sure to follow all the guidelines.

Do not remove your mask(You can also layer up your mask for extra safety)

Keep sanitizing yourself and your belongings

Try not to touch everything on the flight(If you do, sanitize)

Try chilling outside?

There are many bars, cafes, restaurants that come with beautiful outdoors too. While this virus is still in the world, try staying and spending your quality time outdoors than indoors. A secure place can be riskier than a place in the fresh air. Outdoor locations also help you maintain distance from people that can help you protect yourself from the virus.

Always rent a car when traveling in COVID.

It is anyway always better to rent a car on your vacation than to book uber. If it’s a rented car, you can adequately sanitize it and ride and travel in it without taking extra care. else, shifting from cabs to cabs is very risky, especially at such times when a deadly virus is ruling us.

Don’t forget your vaccine passport!

When traveling in corona times, your documents are more important than your luggage. From your negative report to your proof of vaccinations, it’s all essential. Some many rules and regulations have been added for people traveling during Covid. Carrying all these documents is a must need. You will need them during flying and while checking into hotels and maybe some big restaurants.

While these three are some essential measures one should take while traveling in this pandemic. You also need to follow all the guidelines that the government has applied. Remember to go through the rules and regulations your vacation destination requires; it will help you with your packing and pre-preparation. Other than that, get vaccinated and go travel and enjoy your vacation this summer.

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