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Travelling can be a very unique and treasured experience. However, this experience can be made better if you travel to a place with a different aura, like Morocco. It is one of the most beautiful African countries that gives you an experience of a mixed Arab and French culture. There are tips to save money on vacation in Morocco that can make happy memories one can have.

The food, places, and markets all come together to contribute to creating an experience that is worth remembering until eternity. However, if not planned carefully, this kind of trip can create a big dent in your pocket.

We have brought a few pieces of advice and suggestions to make it easier on your pocket and full of all the happy memories that one can have.


This will be your first need as soon as you arrive in Morocco, whether you want to start visiting places right away or want to get to a hotel to have rest. 

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If not dealt carefully with the taxi drivers, you can end up losing a lot of money, so you should always fix the price before sitting in the taxi. There are no set costs, and on the off chance that you don’t arrange, you will go through an excessive lot of cash. Taxi costs ought to be negligible. Around, take the petit taxi. If you are going around Morocco, take the stupendous taxi and discover others to share your ride and decrease expenses.

Rental Cars

Book your car rentals as soon as you arrive. You should also know that you can negotiate the price of the bookings to get a favourable deal. As a result, you can generally cut down the cost of vehicle rental considerably. In addition, there will be various enormous International and Independent car rental administrations on landing at the air terminal to offer you less expensive travel around the country.

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Faux Guides

You will come across a lot of guides when you are visiting medinas. They will cling to you to persuade you to take a tour from them. Therefore, it will be better if you avoid them. 

In case you are on tour and need someone, you can ask your hotel to recommend someone.

Be Aware of Thieves 

Suppose you are someone who is habitual of carrying around a lot of cash. Then it would help if you were careful with it and all your other expensive items like a camera or phone.


Morocco is a great place to enjoy some exotic cuisine that you might not find somewhere else. But if you want to save some money, it is better to have street food than having your meals in a restaurant.

Restaurants can be exceptionally cheap; 30MAD, yet eating from the streets is far superior. For only a couple of dollars, you can enjoy flavorful kebabs, frankfurters, grilled old fashioned corn, hot broiled chicken, and enormous sandwiches, among numerous other delectable choices. Stick to eating at the neighbourhood markets in the medina, and you’ll spend next to no cash on food. Discover the slow down with the vast majority. 

Buying Souvenirs 

In Morocco, when you are out to buy something from the streets and are quoted a price by the vendors, always remember that you can negotiate. It is common practice in the markets to negotiate the price of any item to get a better deal. This practice will help you save a lot of money while you are shopping.


Consider how you will speak with family while in Morocco. Being probably the most extravagant country, it is quite wired up. Most lodgings offer free Wi-Fi administration, notwithstanding that there are numerous Internet Cafes and Teleboutiques available to you in the event that you are out in town. In addition, SIM cards are moderately cheap in Morocco.

Learn French Phrases 

The fundamental language spoken in Morocco is Arabic, yet most individuals will likewise communicate in French as a subsequent language. Therefore, learning some conversational and valuable expressions in French may directly not contribute to saving your cash; however, it will help you when wheeling and dealing or attempting to examine any issues on your lodging or café bill.

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