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Every beach has a lot to offer, whether it’s a family vacation or a party with friends. So grab your beach gear and try it out on the bay.    

To help you get started, here’s a list of the best Massachusetts beaches to visit. 

Carson Beach — South Boston

Carson Beach, also known as L Street Beach, is a public promenade along the South Boston coastline. 

This is one of the famous beaches in Massachusetts with locals. 

Feel like an authentic South American and mingle with the locals as you spend a few hours in this seaside location. It would help if you also swam in the sea near the rescue posts. Would you like to get wet? Take a walk along the public promenade along the beach, where you can walk, cycle or run.  

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Constitution Beach — East Boston

It starts from Castle Island and goes to the Kennedy Library. Constitution Beach is a crescent-shaped promenade in the Harbor View – Orient Heights. This East Boston coastline is probably the best swimming beach in Massachusetts on this list.    

Since there is a sheltered cove, the waves are relatively gentle and ideal for beginners. There are also lifeguards on duty, and there are comfortable showers and changing rooms nearby. Here you can not only swim.  

 Lovells Island — Boston Harbor Islands

Lovells Island is a 62-acre island located in the Boston Harbor Islands Recreation Area. It is located approximately 7 miles offshore from downtown Boston.   

Add this little island paradise to your list of Massachusetts beach destinations to visit. There’s plenty to do here whether you want to get wet or stay dry. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean from sandy beaches or explore the tidal pools. 

Savin Hill Beach — Dorchester

Savin Hill Beach is a public beach in Dorchester and is part of the Dorchester Marine Reserve.   

If you want to stay in the city, a trip to this quiet waterfront is a great idea. Lifeguards are on duty in the summer so you can swim at your leisure. In addition, the beach is wheelchair accessible. After you’ve gotten enough of swimming, you can play ball on the nearby baseball fields or tire the kids out in the playground.   

M Street Beach — South Boston

M Street Beach, also called South Beach by locals, is part of the South Boston waterfront along Dorchester Bay. Hip and hip vacationers have now found a great beach to go to. Young locals have made this their place, so if you want to chat, listen to popular jams and chill out, then this is the place for you.    

Parking can be challenging as this boardwalk is a street-side beach. You may need to park your car a few streets below and walk to the shore.    

 Spectacle Island — Boston Harbor Islands

Spectacle Island is an island in Boston Harbor, covering an area of ​​approximately 105 acres. It is located about 4 miles offshore from downtown Boston. A fun and exciting trip away from the city (but very close) is to explore this island.  

You can take a walk on the waters at the designated beach. Seasonal lifeguards are on duty there. After spending several hours at the water’s edge, explore the trails and climb to the top of North Drumlins for breathtaking panoramic views.   

Pleasure Bay/Castle Island — South Boston

Castle Island is a peninsula located along the shores of Boston Harbor. The windows overlook the waters of the Bay of Pleasure. There are extensive sandy beaches for relaxation and relatively calm waters for wading among the beautiful beaches in the area.

For free parking, head to Fort Independence. But if you’d rather stay closer to the beach itself, there is paid street parking. 

40 Steps — Nahant

Forty Steps to Nahant is a tiny 100-meter beach near Castle Rock.    

This boardwalk is one of Massachusetts’s best clear water beaches, as you can see the ocean floor beneath its green waters. It is also a great diving spot as you can see soft corals and sea anemones near Castle Rock. There is no parking on this small beach. But if you go to the police station and ask politely, the agents may allow you to park in the resident parking lot near Canoe Beach.  

Tenean Beach — Dorchester

Tenean Beach is a sandy beach that you will find along the Neponset River. It is close to the Dorchester Shores Game Reserve. This small beach is a prime contender for being the safest kiddie beach in the state for its calm waters.    

Sheltered by a bay, there are few or no waves here, making it ideal for the little ones. The nearby playground and fields are other pluses that make this promenade a good place for families with children. Older children can play tennis and basketball after walking on water.   

 Crane Beach — Ipswich

This coastal shore is a great place to sunbathe as its dunes are pretty open, and no shade is visible. Besides the vitamin-rich sea, the area is also known for its excellent hiking trails and varied wildlife. Take time to explore the dunes and maritime forest. 

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