TRIMEDX Biomedical Engineering Internship Opportunity!

The U.S.-based leading healthcare company TRIMEDX is offering a BioMedical Engineering Internship for scholars. The internship opportunity will boost the career of the scholars. Under the careful supervision of TRIMEDX management, the TRIMEDX BioMedical Engineer Intern receives on-the-job training under the guidance of experienced clinical engineers, biomedical, lab, and radiology engineers. The internship opportunity is available in Wisconsin, U.S.

What will you learn in the TRIMEDX Biomedical Engineering Internship program?

TRIMEDX Biomedical Engineering Internship

An internship is an excellent option as this allows you to learn and progress.

As per TRIMEDX, in the following BioMedical Engineer Internship, you will learn –

  • Understanding a typical engineer’s day and how to work in a hospital environment
  • Documentation of repairs and PMs,
  • Responding to service calls
  • Balancing workload,
  • Training on how to calibrate equipment
  • Troubleshoot various sorts of equipment
  • Preventive maintenance procedures,
  • You will be performing preventative maintenance procedures,
  • Vendor management and inventory validation


In this position, an intern will be working with experienced technicians in a real-time service environment. Utilize this opportunity to learn about each work you are assigned and each new tool you get your hands on.

Essential requirements to grab this Internship Opportunity

  • Be enrolled in an associate’s or technical degree program or have similar military training in the biomedical area.
  • Working knowledge of biomedical equipment in a clinical engineering environment.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and customer service abilities
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Frequently necessary to reach, pull, and use fine skills for medical device installation, maintenance, and servicing.

Apart from this, the intern must be able to pass a pre-employment assessment, which will include a background check and a medical check-up.

How much is the salary of a Biomedical Engineer?

TRIMEDX Biomedical Engineering Internship

The salary of a Biomedical Engineer is determined by multiple criteria, like company status, location, the sort of bioengineer position available, and experience.

According to data, the median bioengineer salary in 2021 was $120,700 per year. This equates to an hourly wage of almost $45.50.

However, if you speak with bioengineers in research and development, they may tell you a different narrative. Medical equipment and supplies manufacturers earned less than $93,450 per year. Comparatively, biomedical engineers working at colleges, universities, and other academic institutions earned $79,100. That is still more than the average household’s annual wage.

According to the American Institute for Medical and Biomedical Engineering, biomedical engineers in research and development earn about $112,600 on average. The average biomedical engineering income in pharmaceuticals is $108,610. In medical equipment manufacture, it is around $95,000.

As previously stated, job location also affects the salary of the Biomedical engineer salary. According to the Economic Research Institute, the average bioengineering pay in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is $124,000, whereas, in Columbus, it is $146,000.

Biomedical engineering salary levels are impacted by demand, work nature, and cost of living.

Origin of TRIMEDX

TRIMEDX originated in the 1990s at St. Vincent hospital in Indianapolis when the hospital’s clinical-engineering department devised an equipment-management program to improve patient safety while lowering costs. According to the company’s website, TRIMEDX programs are now working in over 4,500 sites.

In the United States, TRIMEDX is a leader in the healthcare industry. It is an independent clinical asset management company that provides comprehensive clinical engineering services. TRIMEDX offers clinical asset informatics and medical product cybersecurity. TRIDMEX is an emerging company in the healthcare sector assisting providers in transforming clinical assets into strategic tools.

TRIMEDX technology results in lower operational costs and excellent safety and protection. It helps in optimizing clinical asset capital spending and patient care resources.


In 2016, TowerBrook made its first investment in TRIMEDX, an Indianapolis-based producer of clinical-asset-management tools for healthcare providers. The acquisition of TRIMEDX was made through the TowerBrook Investors IV strategy, which closed with about $3.68 billion in February 2013. TowerBrook stated at the time that the fund’s upper limit of $3.5 billion has reached.

Before the deal in 2016, TRIMEDX was a subsidiary of Ascension Health Alliance, a St. Louis-based nonprofit hospital operator. Ascension Health Alliance also controlled St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis. According to a news release, the transaction turned Indianapolis-based TRIMEDX into an independent corporation supported by Ascension and TowerBrook.

TRIDMEX’s other Industrial Deals

TRIMEDX expanded after receiving the investment from TowerBrook through internal initiatives and acquisitions. For $300 million, Philadelphia-based Aramark, which provides food, facilities management, and uniforms, sold its healthcare technology division to TRIMEDX in 2018.

Two years later, In 2020, TRIMEDX also purchased Centurion Service Group, a management firm for obsolete medical equipment in Franklin Park, Illinois.

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