The Reddit Can’t Get Enough of These 3 Cannabis Stocks

It’s worth noting that web conversations can have the same impact on a stock’s development direction as white-shoe trading firms. In addition, Reddit traders are constantly debating the development potential of cannabis stocks. Cura leaf (OTC: CURLF), Sundial Growers (NASDAQ: SNDL), and Tilray (NASDAQ:

TLRY) stand out among the cannabis companies that genuinely get love from Redditors owing to the number of editorials they provide. Although the stock market excitement of January and February may have subsided. These three marijuana firms still require a significant amount of financial backing.

Cura leaf

Since the outbreak, cannabis organizations in the United States have been the focus of interest. Cannabis sales in the U.S. have grown 46 percent over years to $17.5 billion by 2020. Along with a few businesses seeing their revenue triple. However, Cura leaf Holdings (OTC: CURLF), situated in Massachusetts. May very well be the best marijuana stock you will ever own. Cura leaf’s stock has soared 274 percent in recent months, outperforming the business benchmark Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF’s gain of 122 percent.

This cannabis non-profit is doing fantastic work. In each quarter of 2020, its monetary presentation was good. Its income growth was fuelled by its ability to expand by operating nearly 50 new dispensaries during a pandemic. It’s also been detailing consistent positive earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). Let’s look at why Cura leaf is such a standout among the current crop of cannabis companies.

Cura leaf

Sundial Growers

This is a cannabis company that specializes in the production, distribution, and sale of medical and adult-use cannabis. The company develops and markets premium cannabis for adult consumption. Sundial produces consistent cannabis in individual and entirely controlled room circumstances in its motivation assembled indoor private develop chambers. The company’s cannabis products are used as prescription medications and enhance social, profound, and sports events. Sundial Cannabis-branded dried flower cannabis is available in various forms, including pre-rolls, oils, cases, and sublingual. Sundial Growers, a cannabis producer, has had a rocky year (NASDAQ: SNDL).  

In 2021, pieces of the company were up over 400 percent at one point. Moreover, they are still up nearly 90% year to far and have significantly outperformed the S& P 500’s gains of just 11%, things have cooled. No new developments have suggested that the company’s situation has deteriorated. All things being equal, the Reddit-fueled publicity that propelled the stock to nearly $4 an offer is practically gone. With large sums of money on its books and Sundial looking for a solution. This stock has many potentials to rise in value. However, the obvious question is whether the cost is currently low enough to justify the risk.

Sundial Growers


Tilray (TLRY), a Canadian marijuana company, attempts to find a way into the United States before being sanctioned by the government. Until now, it has a hemp granola company. A specialized brewer, and a recent agreement to put resources into fighting California-based cannabis merchant Med Men. Thus, now is the time to buy TLRY stock? Should the United States ever sanction THC products, financial backers have raised concerns about that location. Med Men reported $42 million in net deals in the fourth quarter, up 55 percent year over year and 18.5% from the previous quarter. It has a $46.2 million overall deficit. Store traffic increases and deal gains in California, according to the executives, aided the results.

Following overexpansion, accusations, and allegations of chief abundance, Med Men has been striving to turn itself around. The organization’s open-plan dispensaries, which were outfitted with tabletop exhibits and touchscreen tablets, drew the attention of the financial press at first. In any event, its path to success has been more complex than that of competitor U.S. multistate administrators. Tilray’s speculative manager, Med Men, makes a deal. Tilray owns a portion of Med Men’s debt formerly held by Gotham Green Partners, a long-time private value partner of Med Men.  

That obligation may be converted into shares in the future. Once marijuana is declared legal in the United States, Tilray will have minority ownership in Med Men’s offers. The arrangement did not appeal to everyone. In a research report, Stifel examiner Andrew Carter wrote, “Med Men is a well-known cannabis brand. But it is still dealing with different challenges arising from the legacy supervisory group. Hence, abandoning this business as a damaged resource.”


Tilray investors approved a proposal to make additional offers to help it with acquisitions at a new. An unusual gathering backed by a thin edge. According to the group, the vote will help achieving its goal of $4 billion in acquisitions by the end of the fiscal year 2024. The markets shook their heads. Some officials in the United States are advocating for legislation to loosen cannabis restrictions. However, it’s unclear what complete U.S. sanctioning will mean for Canada’s cannabis business.

The Reddit

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