The Best Exercise for Period Cramps You can Do to Feel Better

Did you know that our body releases Endorphins that increase the feel-good chemical dopamine and relieve pain? Exercise improves blood flow in your body, decreases inflammation, and increases your energy over time. Here we have discussed the best exercise for period cramps, and abnormalities you face while you are bleeding.

What are Endorphins?

Endorphins are pain-relieving and pleasure-induced brain chemicals that release when our body exercises. There is a kind called beta-endorphins that proved more effective to relieve

Best Exercises that helps in Period Cramps
exercise for period cramps

            “You are the best caretaker of your body.”

                  “You are the healer for your body.”

We all know that getting up is the most challenging part before we even start exercising. You would need to focus on why and how making some changes in your lifestyle while you are bleeding can help you feel less about those period cramps. You can start with a 5-minute exercise and watch your body act differently in a positive way. You know, you can also stop if you feel worse than when you were lying on your bed.

How Do These Exercises for Period Cramps Help?

Doctors say that while you are on your periods, the level of estrogens and progesterone is pretty low, and that is why we feel tired and lazy. But, doing a little exercise might even make you feel better outside the way it helps your body from inside.

The benefits include:

Decreases PMS Symptoms

Enhances your mood

Provides you with more strength and power

Fight Painful period cramps

Taps into your Endorphins

How much to exercise?

Do you know, sex is also an exercise so, whatever makes you moving, helps your endorphin’s chemical release while providing you with less pain and happiness.

Best Exercises for Period Cramps:

  • Power Based Activities 
  • Low-Volume strength Training
  • Walking and Light cardio
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Exercises to avoid while you are bleeding:
  • Cut back on Intense cardiovascular 
  • Endurance-type training.
  • Reduce training stress and volume

Cut down on all those heavy exercises you do during the period week. Settle with some light cardio and meditation and yoga for relaxing your mind and body.

What Goes Down Inside Really Matters.

Are you a pad or tampon or a menstrual cup person? Well, whoever you get the best products of what you like for your periods as it matters. If you don’t feel comfortable with the product down there, anything, including exercising, won’t help. That is why what you wear down there matters.

Have you ever tried period panties? If you haven’t, I would suggest you try at least once and see if something like that comforts you because it comforts many women.

Your body knows more than you do.

What your body exactly needs can only be told by your body, so try making time for yourself and listen to your body and see what it needs. We all know not every period month is the same. Sometimes it’s heavy bleeding, and at times, it’s light. You are active and horny a month and too lazy the other month. So, listen to your body and understand what it needs. Don’t force yourself on your body. Do what is good for you.

We are here to guide you with what might help you go through your period, guys. So, pick what suits your body from this blog and hope we help you relieve your pain. 

The bottom line is that You can always ignore all these things, grab some chocolate, tuck yourself in your bed, and watch a movie during your period week. It is your period week; live it the way you want and the way your body wants. Moreover, if you really want to feel better, pamper yourself. Try some spa-at-home and your body and hormones will really feel relaxed.

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