Can be drinking lettuce water before bedtime helps you achieve a peaceful sleep?

We all love a peaceful sleep. After a hectic and tiring day, all we need is a serene sleep. And, we are ready to chase any method that can help us achieve a quick, tranquil sleep. From warm milk to melatonin supplements, we have tried it all. So, what’s the new alternative that has made more than 30 million views?

Drink boiling greens for good Sleep
Which viral video is making people drink boiling greens for a night of good sleep?

A TikTok star Shapla Hoque posted a video that has made people try her method of getting a peaceful, undisrupted sleep. In the video, Shapla was seen making a cup of lettuce water by boiling the lettuce and sipping the mixture. 

She explains in the video, “Apparently, drinking lettuce water makes you sleepy. Sis don’t sleep, so I’m going to try it out,”

In her TikTok video, she first cleaned/washed iceberg lettuce and kept it in a mug. Then, she covered it with boiling water. She also added a peppermint tea bag to give her mixture a good taste and some flavors.

The video showed the whole process of her explaining and making the drink to sipping it and drowsing off. She also sees narrating the videos according to whatever she feels after and before sipping the lettuce water.

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 After drinking the solution, she says,

 “Update! I do feel slightly tired. Not hella sleepy like a knockout, but I do feel a bit sleepy,” she said in the video. In the final clip, she reported feeling very sleepy. “Your sis is gone,” she said.

Only after a couple of hours, the video hashtag testing the theory received not only around 30 million views but also many TikTok creators revealed that they also tried the brew. Out of them, many even reported feeling tired and lazy after drinking the solution.

Is the drinking lettuce water before sleep theory true?

However, the video received many likes and appreciation, but this theory is not 100% true, according to the experts. 

Experts released that many studies have been conducted that Food Science and Biotechnology published regarding the same matter. The study revealed that lettuce (mostly that romaine lettuce)carries many polyphenols. Polyphenols can help you induce sleep because of their antioxidants properties.

However, the experts also added that the study is still incomplete as it still demands more profound research. They further said that the survey is not even tested, not humans yet, but cannot conclude.

In addition, the other studies did support a percent of the lettuce water theory. The studies showed sleep-inducing effects on humans when intaken lettuce-derived oil.

A different was also conducted where 60 people participated in helping the experts. The study was also published in the International Journal of General medicine that lettuce seed oil does promote sleep. The study also stated that it affects best for those who feel difficulty sleeping.

A similar study concluded experimenting on 67 kids that also revealed that applying lettuce seed oil on a kid’s temples and foreheads can improve their sleep patterns.

Overall the studies unveil that lettuce has lactucin and lactucopicrin, which contain soothing effects, say, Jim White, R.D., ACSM-certified exercise physiologist and owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios.

 “I’m going with social factors and the placebo effect,” says White. Most likely, it’s the power of suggestion when he was asked regarding people are getting sleepy after trying the viral video.

He further explains that if you mix the extract of lettuce with any DIY teas, it won’t give you actual sleepiness.

If not lettuce water, what can make me feel sleepy?

Your daily routine impacts a lot on your sleep pattern then you think. Your eating habits, working late, limiting caffeine, working out before it gets dark, many things impact and affect your sleep. There are more solutions and extracts present in the market that are pure and tested. For example, CBD oil can help you get a better and peaceful sleep any day. Do your own research(not everything, suits everybody), shift your daily routine, and improve your life.

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