Reduce Your Stress With The Ten Best Healthy Foods

With all the extra work burden while you are working from home, ask for a stress break. So to reduce our stress, we end up grabbing some junky snacks or candies. Right? But, what if you get to know about some refreshing and filling food that can be stress relieving and help you grow your body. It is also true that nothing can adequately reduce your stress than some heavy rest, but you don’t have time to sleep. We have picked up the best ten healthy foods to add to your diet and be more stress-free. You can also add 10-15 mins of exercise daily, which helps your body release endorphins and makes you happier and lighter.

So, let’s start with the food you can get quickly and love to eat.


Who doesn’t like eating a bar of chocolate? Chocolate has been an all-time favourite, it’s like their happy bite, painful bite, angry bite, and obviously, we all grab chocolates when we are emotional. Don’t we?

Experts have revealed that dark chocolate can reduce your stress hormones and make you feel better. Dark chocolate contains sugar that is a carbohydrate, and it further excretes serotines that may improve your mood. Nothing is harmful if taken in proper proportion, so keep checking how much chocolate you are intaking.

Avacados and Bananans

To keep your mental health good and reduce stress, you would need some potassium intake, and the best for that would be some bananas and Avocados. You can have them in the morning or while working. Did you know? Potassium intake helps to keep your blood pressure low.

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Most of us our fan of tea and everyone has the specific way they make it, and they like. But, a comforting cup of your best blend of tea can create miracles in your nerves and make you feel more relaxed. Teas are known to calm your frazzled nerves while gradually reducing your stress.

Swiss Chard

Green vegetables are a source of many minerals and nutrients, so eating at least one green vegetable makes you more healthy. Did you know? Green leafy vegetables contain good magnesium, and Swiss Chard is one of the leafy vegetables. The magnesium intake helps the body to balance the cortisol and stress hormones.

Fatty Fish

If you are a person who eats non-veg, then Fatty Fish would be a great add-on to your diet. There are heart-healthy omega-three fats in fishes like tuna, sardines, and salmon. This Fatty, healthy omega helps the body manage the adrenaline levels and keeps you cool, collected, and calm.


Have you ever seen a rabbit sad? Well, maybe because it loves eating a carrot. Carrot is one of the vegetables that you can munch on, even if it’s raw. Just wash it, and eat while you are doing your daily chores. Fresh vegetables provide you with a good crispness that makes yu=our urge to eat junk food less and helps you reduce your stress. Experts say that having a handful of crunchy vegetables enables you to beat your anxiety/stress.

Some Fresh Milk

When in a hurry and stressed, grab a glass of Milk with your favourite flavour in it. Drinking Milk any time of the day only helps you; in the morning, it gets you up; some warm milk can make you feel sleepy sooner in the night. In addition, a glass of Milk contains B vitamins, Bone building calcium, Vitamin D, and proteins that can help you relieve your tense muscles and help you relax.

Dry Fruits/Nuts

Nuts are the best stress buster, and you can also have them even if you are travelling to your office in the metro. So grab some handful of nuts while leaving and eat whenever you can. It’s tough to cope up with work while you are stressed as stressing makes you weak. Also, to boost your immunity, you need zinc and vitamins inside your body, and nuts can help you.


We all know someone who grabs an ice cream tub as soon as stress or sadness hits them; well, you can gift them some yoghurt instead. Yoghurt is healthy and helps your calm down with its coldness and creamy taste. If you are a flavour person, you can even make a flavoured, coloured yoghurt to cheer yourself up while stressing.

Whole Grain Snacks

If you love munching on snacks, try shifting to whole grain snacks that include crackers, entire wheat pretzels, etc. Whole-grain snacks contain good fibre that is good for your body, and the carbohydrates in the snacks help you boost your energy, leading to serotonin release from your body, and you gradually feel good and happier.

The above foods are rich in proteins and nutrients and can help you boost your energy while making you feel less stressed.

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