Are you planning your weekend in Santa Fe Brewery?

What is so good about Santa Fe?

With the opening of new breweries and tasting rooms, we are sure to miss something. Whether you’re visiting Santa Fe for the week, weekend, or season, you’ll have no problem bathing in the whistle of new and varied award-winning beers during your visit.   

Why is Beer Brewing so famous in Santa Fe?

Beer brewing has become a serious business in Santa Fe, which is excellent news for beer lovers. Incredibly sustainable, the Santa Fe brewery is receiving severe awards for its range of premium craft beers, two of which were selected this month. The Santa Fe Brewing Company continues to grow, and its beer can now be enjoyed in three different tasting rooms, including a brand new facility in Albuquerque built entirely from recycled shipping containers (one of the few ways the brewery is showing its dedication). Sustainability).   

Today, the Santa Fe Brewing Company produces about 40,000 barrels of beer per year, and their bottling line can produce 275 bottles of beer per minute. The Happy Camper IPA and the popularity of canned craft beers have taken the brewery to the next level.   


Brian Lock, several young men, moved the Santa Fe Brewing Company to a larger facility, upgraded the brewery to a 15-barrel Frankenbrew system, and began distributing their fine beer to New Mexico and parts of the country including Colorado. Beer Creek Brewing Co officially opened a store in an old stone building on Highway 14 south of Santa Fe and quickly became part of the brewing scene with this year’s first annual Hoptoberfest, which brings together New Mexico craft brewers and hop growers. Full-day beer tasting in mid-October on the spacious Beer Creeks patio.   

The Second Street Brewery opened as a local brewery in 1996, serving live music, craft beer and pub food. The Second Street Brewery is a local brewery that welcomes all locals and visitors. With three restaurants, a tavern and a brewery, Second Street cater for all your beer needs, including mouth-watering burgers.    

There are three breweries on Second Street: the original on 1814 2nd Street, one inside the Santa Fe Railroad, and the newer Rufina Lounge Bar near Meow Wolf. Two of them are located at the company’s headquarters and brewery at the top of the Turquoise Trail: The Bridge, an indoor and outdoor venue with great live music, and the brand new Beer Hall at the headquarters, a two-level brewery with a spacious beer garden. The beautiful bar has a music venue that features some of the best local talents from across the state of New Mexico, while a children’s play area is the centrepiece of the Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery’s family-friendly atmosphere.    

The beautiful tavern is located at 2791 Agua Fria Street, within walking distance of the popular Meow Wolf restaurant. Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery offers a modest food menu, but many food trucks in Santa Fe often call Tumbleroot home. In addition to a wide range of beers, Tumbleroot also hand-distils a unique range of spirits using 100% organic ingredients. Opened in April 2018, Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery is one of the newest additions to the Santa Fe beer scene.   

Blue Corn Beer is brewed in a seven-barrel, one-person brewery using only the highest quality ingredients. Blue Corn Cafe & Brewery offers excellent food, a family atmosphere, and of course, great beers. The allure of Santa Fe doesn’t stop there. Behind this minimalist look is a pile of beer nuts as passionate as they are whimsical.  

New Mexico’s oldest brewery is environmentally friendly and even has an underground cave. The new 70-barrel Krones Brewery gives the brewery the capacity to produce 200,000 barrels, so plans are underway to open new tasting rooms and Santa Fe Brewing Company to expand its footprint in the state and other countries. At the time, the Terrace Bar was one of the most popular places in Santa Fe to grab a couple of beers.    

As far as we know, Santa Fe was the first commercial brewing site in New Mexico. For the next 92 years, no commercial beer was produced in Santa Fe County until the current Santa Fe Brewery opened in Galisteo in 1988. Because it was located elsewhere in New Mexico, the early Santa Fe breweries had moments of success but were eventually cancelled. Bad financial decisions.  

As we travel through the distant past of New Mexico’s beer history, from the brutal Albuquerque shootings to the rise of the largest pre-Prohibition brewery, to small-town brewing outposts in the 19th century, and finally to the failed revival of local beer in the 1930s, Yes, there’s one place we brazenly discontinued: Santa Fe. All of this is our word, this is by no means a complete history of brewing in another city from 1863 to 1896, but it is most of the information we can find, mainly from Santa Fe, NM and Holy Reporter Fe. With nearly 80 breweries, New Mexico has become a well-known craft beer hub, dubbed the “Beer Frontier” by the New Mexico Brewers Association. Hidden Mountain Brewing Co.’s Gatekeeper IPA won the 2018 New Mexico IPA and offers a wide selection of gluten-free beers.    

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