Easy Mexican Desserts You Need To Try ASAP

Want an authentic Mexican Dessert for your next fiesta?

Celebrate each day with these proper Mexican desserts, which include Mexican wedding cookies, fried ice cream, tres leches cake, and more. Here are different foods that you can attempt out!

Creamy Caramel Flan

A small slice of this impressively wealthy, creamy, caramel flan dessert goes a protracted way. What a satisfying finish for a special meal or excursion birthday celebration. 

Fresas con Crema

This fresh fresas con crema recipe is amazing while berries are in season. Media crema is a rich, unsweetened cream determined in the baking aisle or ethnic meals section of the grocery store. It’s just like creme fraiche and sour cream, despite the fact that sour cream is a chunk tangier.

Mexican Wedding Cakes

As a part of a Mexican culture, I tucked those tender cookies into small gift bins for the visitors at my sister’s wedding ceremony some years ago. Most parents wolfed them up earlier than they ever were given domestic!


Concha (Mexican candy bread) is a breakfast or snack pastry found throughout Mexico. It has a fluffy brioche-like dough with a crispy streusel topping, scored to resemble a shell. The pastry can are available in a diffusion of colors and different shapes, but I select the obvious and chocolate streusel. 

Mexican Cinnamon Cookies

My extended own family stocks a meal every Sunday. The aunts and uncles take turns bringing the entirety from most important dishes to desserts as this conventional Mexican cinnamon cookie referred to as reganadas.

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