Check Out These Easy and Healthy Snacks to Make at Home!

We all feel more hungry if we sit at home, bored the whole day. especially, the youngsters as a growing body needs vitamins, minerals, fat, proteins, and carbs. To run, play, observe, learn and grow, teens need a lot more protein than an average body of middle age. For your mind and body to function smoothly, you need nutrients and vitamins, especially in your teen years. So, here are a few easy, quick and healthy snacks to make for them on their own.

Teens love snacks, and snacks carry extra added sugar, too many refined grains, and ingredients that will not help in growing. For the same reason, we have picked up the best healthy snacks that teens would love eating and something that will also nourish their bodies. Without wasting any more seconds, let us go through the aisle of healthy snacks we picked for you. Try something from the list today and make your day a better one. We have created the list of dishes under some subcategories which will assist you to the snack you’re looking for.

Easy-Peasy and Quick Healthy Snacks to Make

  • Almond, Cashew, Cherry, and dark chocolate bowl.

A smooth chocolaty mix of health is in this bowl. Mix some almonds, cashews, dry cherries into a bowl and pour some yummy delicious dark chocolate in the bowl that will give you snack mix an irresistible mix. Dry fruits are fantastic sources of minerals, antioxidants, and minerals.

  • Hummus Basins

A healthy and filling snack that is tasty and filled with proteins. Hummus is a dip made from chickpeas that contain magnesium, manganese, healthy fats, fibre, and proteins. You can pour some hummus in a jar and garnish it with veggies like carrots, zucchini and enjoy a summer snack.

Next, we have, Snacks to make at home when you are not running late on time.

  • Cheese, Veggie and Egg Muffins

Filled with proteins, fat, and calories, it is a good filling snack when you or your teen is hungry and wants something good. The best part about these stuffed muffins is that you can freeze them and reheat them whenever you want.

  • No-bake Chocolate Energy Biscuits

Who does not like chocolates? Teenagers can never say no to a chocolate treat, and that is why healthy chocolate energy biscuits will cherish them and will be a healthy choice, too—piled with wholesome ingredients, these energy biscuits mix oats, dates, cashews, and almond flour.

If you are looking for some high protein snacks, go through the suggestions below:

Did you know? Teens require 20%- 60% more proteins in their bodies than adults.

  • Chickpea, Feta Salad, and Edamame

A basin of Plant-based proteins, this salad is a perfect filling high protein vegetarian snack for teens. Also, Feta gears up healthy fat and calcium in the body.

  • Chicken Salad with cranberry, walnuts, and apples on the top

For the non-vegetarians in the house, we have this protein-packed chicken salad with apples, walnut, and dry cranberries on the top, making every bite of the salad extra delicious.

Some Nut-free Snacks to Make for Nut-Allergic People

  • Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Muffins mostly contain ingredients that are not good w=for kids but, this muffin is wholesome of bananas, whole milk, Greek yogurt, and rolled oats. This is a perfect choice for a quick no nut snack.

  • Cheesy Sticks

Other than protein and vitamins, teens also require healthy fat sources in their diet. These cheesy sticks are made from whole milk cheese that contains protein and calcium, and healthy fat. It is also filled with minerals like selenium and zinc.

Healthy Snacks to Make
Healthy Snacks to Make

For some Mini meal snacks, we have the following for you.

  • Veggie Frittata

This is such an easy mini-meal dish that even your teen ka pro in this. Also, he/she is also allowed to add their favourites garnishings on the top. A protein-packed roll that will fill some good proteins in a kid’s body.

  • Quinoa Salad Jar

This salad is a mix of cooked quinoa with cucumbers, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese. You can also add some grilled chicken/tofu/salmon on the top to make it a more filling meal.

Some Easy-to-Make Smoothies for Teens!

  • Jelly and Peanut Butter Smoothie

Naturally sweetened with dates this Jelly and peanut butter smoothie is a roll on a tongue.

  • Berry Avocado Smoothie

In this filling smoothie, add cinnamon and apple for a favourable combo and enjoy it on your balcony. You can also add protein powder to these smoothies for extra protein.

Try these above dishes and mix and match them in your style and enjoy healthy filling snacks. However, making these might be easy only if you have a well-organized kitchen, where you can find everything easy and quick.

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