Are you intrigued to know the most loved dog Breeds in different states?

Who doesn’t love dogs? They are cute, adorable, loyal, and our best friends. A home that has a dog turns into a happy place automatically. Here in the U.S., we love Pooch even more than cold fishes and smug cats. Many surveys have shown that every state has its favorite specific dog breed, So we did our little research regarding the same and picked the top most loved dog breeds every state carries. How we figured out which state craves for which specific breed was done with the help of google. The results amazed us when we analysed the dog searches in a particular state. We found that people search for specific breeds in different states, and their preference for the dog species varies from state to state. 

  So, scroll down and check if your state matches the most popular dog breed with the breed we listed down.

Alaskan Malamute : Alaska
Alaskan Malamute : Alaska

The way they can withstand cold climate makes them unique and used in arctic expeditions. Did you know? In 1972, Dog Mushing was added to the list of Official state sports of Alaska. Named after the state, the Alaskan Malamute was also labelled as the Official state dog of Alaska on 18th April 2010.

Maltese: California
Maltese: California

This cute fluff has more back history than we ever knew. Maltese is an ancient dog breed that lived in the Mediterranean on Malta Island. That is also from where its name is picked. If you go through the pages of ancient Greek history, you will find Maltese portraits in Greek pottery by the great philosopher Aristotle. And, now these small Maltese have become the most loved dog breed, especially in California. So, you can find most houses in Maltese if you are in California.

Siberian Husky: California
Siberian Husky: California

We all have a special place for huskies in our hearts; however, Connecticut loves them too much. Cute, fast, strong, and very intelligent, Huskies are just wholesome. They also are rapid learners. Their history traces are found in the Northeastern part of Asia with Chukchi families as their friends and pets and were used for their strong sledge dogs. We can still see them playing their strength and endurance role even today.

Bulldogs: Georgia
Bulldogs: Georgia

Did you know?

Georgia has an official Georgia Bulldogs college football team. Georgia’s love for animals is undefined, and they love their bulldogs, and the funny part is we got to know about all these facts through the citizen’s search history.

Considering the history of bulldogs, these strong, active furry guys were used to drive cattle and played against each other in a sport called Bull Baiting.

Fortunately, today these cute buds are treated better than making them fight. Georgia homes have at least one bulldog, as kids love them, and they are also a great companion for children.

Shiba Inu: Hawaii
Shiba Inu: Hawaii

Ever visited Hawaii? If yes, you must be aware of their love for Shiba Inus. You must have also seen these dog breeds in most Japanese cartoons and comics, as that is the origin of these dogs. Their history residing in japan goes way back to 300 BCE when they were used as hunters. Later these toned, black, red, and red sesame breeds landed in America around the 1950s. However, today they are most loved in Hawaii and are also the best-labelled companion animal in the state.

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Doberman Pinschers: Indiana

We all are familiar with Dobermans and their power. These long, head, sleek and toned body dogs are always fueled with energy, which is also why if you don’t play or make your Doberman not run enough, they become very aggressive and irritated. Their history goes back to Germany around the late 1800s when Louis Doberman first developed this breed.

Labrador Retriever: Maine

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most fantastic family dogs. They love kids, kids adore them, and you don’t have to make them exercise too much. They will be happy with some playing at the house too. Did you know? The state, Maine, also nominated Labrador Retriever as their Official state dog in 2015. Maine citizens feel that the way retrievers are and their friendly and charming behaviour with everyone makes them the most loved dog in the state.

The list goes on for the most loved dog breeds as dogs are too adorable not to be loved. But, in conclusion, I would like to say that comparing dogs based on their breeds is a little harsh, as they all have pure souls and hearts. The way you are with them, the way they become. Dogs are like the angels we have on our earth.

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