Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Bitty Advance

About Bitty Advance Application

Beginning in 2018, Bitty Advance has been committed to aiding small businesses with grants ranging from $2,000 to $35,000. We genuinely believe that giving a chance is all required to turn your business into a success. Typically, Bitty is the key agency that will provide you with funding and support your firm in progressing to the next level. Bitty is a pioneer in the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) industry, providing funds to entrepreneurs in all 50 states. An MCA is an agreement to trade your future business earnings for a lump sum payment made to you immediately away. MCAs are used by almost every type of private firm, including restaurants, shipping, experts, development, advisers, medical care, and child care, to name a few!

Our take on Bitty Advance

Bitty Advance business loans could be a good option for minor, client-facing businesses that want funding for working capital or emergency expenses. This is true if you work in a high-risk sector or have bad credit. It takes 450 credit ratings to give conjecture once at a similar period. It’s a particularly excellent arrangement if you want a development that you can quickly repay. Bitty has two restrictions for payday loans open on Sunday in Oblong, Illinois, with early regular instalments: If the development is paid off in less than a day, you’ll get a 30% discount, and if it’s paid off in less than 60 days, you’ll get a 20% discount. While I’ve seen lesser charges on a comparable product, their costs are relatively standard.

Bitty Advance reviews and complaints

Furthermore, it only provides advances up to $25,000, the smallest amount available from a trader cash advance company. While Bitty was very inexpensive compared to comparable organizations, seller loans are one of the most expensive types of business financing accessible. If your company qualifies for a term home loan or credit line, you may be able to find something at a lower rate.

How Does it Work?


  • Business checking account
  • Six months in Business
  • $5,000 Monthly bank revenue
  • 450+ Credit Score Required
  • All industries considered


  • Apply
  • Link Online Banking
  • Review Approval Terms
  • Sign Agreement
  • Receive funds


  • Payment history earns you more
  • Save with Early Pay Discount!
  • Receive funding again!
  • Add-on funds available
  • Refinances with high net

Bitty Advance reviews and complaints

Bitty Advance has only a few reviews, but most of them are positive. It has a client survey rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, and as of August 2021, it does not have a listing on the Better Business Bureau website.

  • Positive audits refer to a quick turnaround, simple application, and excellent customer service.
  • The majority of routine audits come from borrowers who strongly opposed taking out or servicing the loan but could resolve the situation quickly.
  • Negative surveys are unusual, and they usually come from firms struggling to keep up with the growth. Bitty Advance has also been approached to remedy these issues in general.
Bitty Advance application

How to qualify

At the very least, you must meet the above requirements to qualify for a Bitty Advance dealer loan.

  • Essentially, $5,000 in monthly bank income.
  • A credit score of 450 or higher is required.
  • Business financial records for around six months

Bitty Advance is known in all states and has no constraints in terms of industry.

How to apply for the Bitty advance Application?

Fill out the Bitty loan application online or call 800-324-3863 to get started with the advance. Ascertain that your company satisfies the requirements before moving on to the next step.

  1. Visit the Bitty website for more information.
  2. Drop down to the bottom page and complete the structure’s essential information.
  3. Fill in any business-related information in the system as well.
  4. After that, press the Send button and wait for a response.
How the application works

You may get started on your application by going to the website or calling 800-324-3863. To get started on the web, fill out a form on the Bitty Advance site with basic information about yourself and your company. A client service representative should contact you after presenting the structure to discuss your company’s options. Follow their headers and look over your agreement before electronically marking it to show the essential records. You could obtain your assets on the same day your contract is finalized.

How do repayments work?

Bitty Advance dealer loans accompany day-to-day or week-to-week reimbursements. Also, be prepared to pay a $49 monthly service fee. Please contact a Bitty Advance customer service representative if you have any questions.

What sets it apart

The same-day turnaround and early reimbursement limits of Bitty Advance set it apart from other vendor loan providers. It also has lower FICO assessment requirements than most providers and no sector restrictions, which is unusual. However, even with the constraints, you may be able to find lower rates elsewhere – though the credit requirements for cheaper options may be more difficult. Compared to other products, these advancements are also on the low end. This is an amazing option if you want development at its peak and can’t get a traditional business loan. If you need more than $25,000 in loans, though, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

Is Bitty Advance legit?

Bitty Advance is a legitimate shipper loan provider. Since its beginning in 2018, the fund has supported many independent ventures. It’s also gone through some substantial alterations recently. Craig Hecker, the founder of Fast Capital Funding, acquired Bitty Advance in July 2020. Bitty Advance has offered more considerable advances and updated requirements and charges.

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