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AMEX Credit Card Travel Insurance – Credit Card Summary

AMEX cards have a minimal range, which is entirely unsuitable for almost all travellers.    

In addition, American Express Travel Insurance can be purchased as a separate travel protection product from the American Express Travel Insurance website. This direct travel insurance for American Express consumers is different from the coverage offered by American Express cards, which can be confusing. Also, if a customer wants to purchase American Express travel insurance directly, they don’t need an American Express card – you can buy it with their Visa or MasterCard. So, two completely different products, with two other travel coverage levels than American Express.   

We believe these critical coverage areas should be included in every travel policy. AMEX cardholders who require this additional coverage must purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy of the type we sell at ARDY.  

American Express is one of the largest credit card companies in the world. While Visa and MasterCard have much higher sales, Amex considers itself the highest premium of any credit card issuer. Part of American Express’s appeal to customers is the additional benefits of each card.   

Luggage insurance offers good coverage in case of lost luggage. Car rental coverage saves you the equivalent of $9 a day in alternative insurance costs.    

Travel accident insurance covers death and dismemberment. This is not travelling health insurance. As such, we believe this is a terribly false cover title that is confusing to anyone who does not read the policy papers in detail.   

It should be noted that most of these programs are chosen by the credit card issuer to have a high perceived value for the customer but low cost. The low cost comes from the common use cost, such as reading a manual. Or low price due to inadequate coverage or low loss. Thus, in this case, American Express cards hope that the customer believes that the issued card has value but that the customer is not taking advantage of the card’s benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits associated with travel insurance.    

Currently available on 41 US-issued American Express cards. Basically, luggage insurance plans are available for Blue, Green, Gold and Platinum cards. The American Express Baggage Insurance Plan was recently updated. Visitors to the American Express website will be advised to choose a new policy or a policy issued before September 1, 2017. Important: The American Express Credit Card Baggage Insurance Plan is only valid if the card has paid the total cost of the trip. 

You must pay for your trip with your American Express card to activate the Amex Baggage Plan. Now, to add complexity, AMEX luggage insurance has three different levels of coverage: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Cardholder, cardholder’s spouse or household partner, and dependent children under 23 years of age.   

Check out the list. Some of these American Express cards have a lot of prestige but have the exact same coverage as the cheap and cheerful American Express Blue Card. Your card says Platinum doesn’t mean it has the usual Platinum benefits. Look for the phrase “Platinum from American Express,” a “Platinum” card with Platinum benefits. So, there is a card called the American Express Platinum Credit Card in the list above.    

Furs or articles made primarily of hair or trimmed with or lined with fur. Coats or pieces made primarily of fur or trimmed with or lined with fur.    

It doesn’t make much sense to us, but there seems to be a significant difference in how a product with a very similar name achieves its benefits.    

Remember that we previously described several Amex Platinum cards that only had Tier 1 coverage: Amex Platinum, Platinum Delta, and Platinum Delta Skymiles. “Platinum” in these previous cards doesn’t quite accurately describe a card with a higher cost. It’s not until we get to the American Express Platinum Card and American Express Platinum Card that we begin to see the proper levels of Platinum coverage.   

Check the benefits of your policy carefully. Cardholder, spouse or cohabitant and dependent children under the age of 23.   

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The luggage protection that American Express includes on their cards is good. The security levels of the Platinum cards are excellent.    

However, not all Amex cards are the same. Many cards seem to be excellent benefits, but they are not.  

It is essential to check the benefits of your policy when reviewing your Amex travel insurance. Also, remember that to take advantage of the coverage, you must pay for the entire trip with your Amex card. 

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