Will Mega Evolution Return to Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Mega Evolution is painfully absent from Pokemon Sword and Shield, but several clues and rumors endorse that the loved mechanic may also make a comeback.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mega Evolution Charizard

Mega Evolution changed into a extensively beloved mechanic, first introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, which did no longer make a comeback with the launch if Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Instead, Dynamax and Gigantamax had been brought, which stuffed a similar position, though with exclusive mechanics involved. While many fans mourned the lack of Mega Evolution, and its elimination turned into one of the many things wrong with Sword and Shield at release, some fanatics trust that the famous mechanic may also indeed be making a comeback to the games, doubtlessly through the rumored Kalos DLC. Fans have jumped to this conclusion via connecting numerous strange coincidences within the sport and its current DLCs.

The Current Mega Evolution Theory

Pokemon X/Y Mega

Fans are currently maintaining onto the perception that Mega Evolution will in the end make a go back in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield someday inside the near future. This is basically due to  not unusual theories jogging within the network. First, it’s far rumored that the subsequent DLC coming to Sword and Shield will bring players returned to the Kalos vicinity.

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