With Just eight Short Words, Elon Musk Tweeted a Brutal Truth That Most People Don’t Understand

There’s likely no single person on this planet in a better role to apprehend this. It starts with one of Elon Musk’s tweets — a reply tweet, absolutely — which hinted at a significant difference that many ambitious humans gloss over. In truth, aspiring entrepreneurs are often remaining to understand it.

The complete component got here in response to a new ebook that says that Elon Musk desired to sell Telsa to Apple some years again. However, best the situation is that he becomes the brand new CEO of Apple.

Musk denied the record, as did Apple CEO Tim Cook. But a person on Twitter said he could have been an excellent desire to run the organization. Musk shot down that concept with simply eight phrases:

There’s likely no single individual in the world in a higher position to understand this.

This is a story about approximately what Elon Musk truly wants to do together with his life, and maybe what you want to do, too. It’s the form of insight that inspired my unfastened ebook, Elon Musk Has Very Big Plans, which you may download here.

It begins with one of Musk’s tweets — a response tweet, in reality — which hinted at a vital difference that many formidable human beings gloss over. Aspiring entrepreneurs are regularly the last to realize it.

The fundamental factor got here in response to a new book that says that Musk desired to promote Telsa to Apple some years lower back, but handiest on the circumstance that he came to be Apple’s new CEO.

Elon Musk Tweeted

Musk denied the report, as did Apple CEO Tim Cook. But a person on Twitter mused that he would have been a great desire to run the agency. Musk shot down that idea with just eight words:

Elon Musk Declaration

“I don’t need to be CEO of something.”

Musk is presently CEO of demanding groups and is heavily worried about numerous others. This seems like a weird announcement — as if Kevin Durant declared he did not need to be a basketball player, or Donald Trump abruptly introduced he had no desire to be president.

Yet, it reflects a sentiment that many successful humans have expressed to me over more than a decade of interviewing commercial enterprise leaders and marketers, even if many of them don’t articulate it succinctly or even apprehend it so profoundly.

Let me synthesize what they have informed me:

Entrepreneurship is a calling. Building things may be life-asserting.

But clearly, being a CEO and running a business enterprise? That’s an activity.

Just reflect on consideration the dictionary definition of the CEO position:

“A chief govt officer, the very best-rating man or woman in an enterprise or other organization, is ultimately responsible for making managerial choices.”

In the space of a single sentence, it starts to evolve out so sturdy and promising (“the very best-ranking man or woman”). However, its actions speedy closer to something that many innovators locate much less attractive (“accountable for making managerial choices”).

It’s a brutal reality. People in the outdoor conflate the two roles. However, being an innovator or an entrepreneur is a different calling from being a CEO. Yet people who aspire to at least one part can locate themselves boxed into running to count on the alternative.

Maybe the confusion stems in element from the reality we describe so many icons of entrepreneurship with multiple titles:

Jeff Bezos is the founder and previous CEO of Amazon, for instance.

Bill Gates was the co-founder and CEO of Microsoft.

Musk is the founder and CEO of SpaceX and one of the five founders and the CEO of Tesla.

But it is the difference between dreaming, designing, building, and iterating — as opposed to all the practical things that the chief of a commercial enterprise organization has to supervise (or rent for, and delegate): advertising, recruiting, finance, logistics, stakeholder relations, regulatory compliance–the list is going on.

Now, in case you look at that listing, the irony is that Musk truly excels at the maximum of these items. He even appears to experience some of them.

Is there a better marketer on the earth? Tesla is the arena’s most valuable automobile organization and does not spend a penny on ads. Figure that one out.

Who amongst CEOs is higher at human assets and recruiting for that count?

Finance? Logistics? Stakeholder family members?

Regulatory compliance? (Actually, maybe that one isn’t his favorite.)

But, there is additionally no one in a higher function to recognize the divergence of these roles.

Reporter James Clayton of the BBC dug up a telling, longer quote — that Musk gave underneath oath in a deposition — about how he feels approximately being CEO of Tesla:

Instead, I’m not too fond of it and might prefer to spend my time on layout and engineering. I ought to [keep the job] or, frankly, Tesla goes to die.

There may be a mercurial motivation. Musk reportedly made $6.7 billion in 2020 for his work as CEO of Tesla on his own.

That’s almost 12 instances as tons as the second-highest-paid CEO of a publicly-traded U.S. company. But at the same time, that immense parent reinforces the truth that Musk should not do whatever he would not want to.

Perhaps it becomes a fleeting moment while Musk tweeted approximately now, not trying to be CEO of something.

Maybe that is how he felt on a Friday; however, he changed into thrilled yet again to be in rate by the following Monday.

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