Why is Facebook taking down ads related to women sexual health?

As per recent news reports, Facebook rejected a few ads. The ads Facebook declined were focused on women’s sexual health. These ads came from companies promoting products around women sexual health. These ads were from a breastfeeding workshop, consent education, pants for postpartum and others like this. 

As per the Center for Intimacy Justice report, they interview thirty fice companies working in the direction of women’s sexual health and a variety of more fields like menopause, fertility, pelvic pain, and menstruation alongside a dozen more organizations.

Why did Facebook reject the ads?

Facebook rejected the ads from all these companies, and some of them had their accounts suspended at times. ost of these ads was dismissed because they promoted “adult product and services” and “adult content.”

In its publicizing strategies, Facebook says that “ads promoting sexual and reproductive health products or services, like contraception and family planning must be targeted to people 18 years or older and must not focus on sexual pleasure.  “

On its site, Facebook gives instances of promotions that are not allowed (” buy our sex toys for your adult pleasure  “) and those that are (“new moisturizing lube to relieve vaginal dryness on a day to day basis” and “practice safe sex with our brand of condoms”).

The contradiction

All things considered, Ms. Rotman(founder of the NGO that did the survey) observed numerous promotions focusing on men that were acknowledged by Facebook regardless of seeming to break the online media stage’s strategy: an advertisement for condoms that guarantees “pleasure”; ” lotion made just for men’s alone time  “; and one more for an erectile brokenness pill that guarantees a ” wet hot American summer.”

” Right now, it’s arbitrary where they’ll say a product is or isn’t allowed in a way that we think has really sexist undertones and a lack of understanding about health,” Ms. Rotman said. She said that it was “a systemic problem” and added that it particularly impeded private companies.

How did Facebook respond?

“We welcome ads for sexual wellness products but we prohibit nudity and have specific rules about how these products can be marketed on our platform,” a representative for Meta, Facebook’s parent organization, wrote in an email. ” We have provided detail to advertisers about what kinds of products and descriptions we allow in ads.”

The representative added that Facebook commits errors in implementing its promoting approaches. It has toppled a few advertisement dismissals that a portion of the organizations referenced in the report experienced.

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