The types of Instagram accounts and what type is for you?

If you are a teenager, a business professional or a content creator, you probably are already familiar with Instagram as a social media platform. You have already been through Instagram a million times and know quite a bit about features and facilities Instagram offers to its user.

If you are a person using Instagram just for fun and connecting with friends. At some point in time, while going through the options in the settings, you must have come across an option Switch to business account. Have you ever wondered what is that about?

Today we have come with a piece of detailed information to answer questions like what type of accounts are offered by Instagram? what are the features of these types of accounts? And, what might be the best type of account for you?

What are the types of Instagram account?

Over the years, Instagram has evolved a lot, adding feature after feature and improving the user experience as much as possible. With time Instagram also noticed different types of user’s needs and made different types of account for different category of users, with each type having its unique qualities tailored as per the user’s needs.

There are three basic divisions when it comes to Instagram accounts:

  1. Personal Account
  2. Business Account
  3. Creator Account

What is a personal account and who is it for?

This type of account has been around from the beginning, and still, if you create an account, you get a personal account until you decide to change it deliberately to some other type.

This type of account is for the people who don’t want to get too involved and are just there to normally post stories and thoughts to connect with their friends and family.

There are many advantages of having a personal account like you can have the option of keeping everything you post or will post to be viewed by a very private which at times can be enhanced by the options like close friends that allow you to change your audience from your followers to a few selected people. It also gives you the option of linking your account to your personal Facebook profile, which can have many uses like posting ads, syncing your contacts on Facebook with Instagram.

What is a business account and who is it for?

As the name suggests, this type of account is for people who want to promote their business with the use of Instagram. These type of accounts are generally used by stores or businesses rather than a particular individual.

You can get a business account by modifying your personal account by the settings available on Instagram.

The basic features in this type of account remain the same, like posting stories, photos etc. Still, a few features are different from a personal account, which can be very useful when you are trying to grow your business. You can view your insights and analytics, which basically gives you the stats related to your post, showing your posts’ reach, how many followers and likes you have gained. Simultaneously, you can promote and run ads and create posts to sell stuff linked to a store.

Notably, one of the most important feature that comes with this type of account is that you can sort your inbox messages with much more ease because it gets hard to handle so many messages when there are hundreds of them. You can also reply to the messages with ease by using the quick reply feature.

It also gives you the ease of scheduling your posts prior to the time it is to be posted.

The only drag is that you need to link a Facebook page to your Instagram account if you want to sell products or run ads from your account, even if you don’t want to use Facebook for your marketing needs.

What is a creators account and who is it for?

This is the latest type of account to be added to Instagram’s arsenal. It is something of a fusion between a personal and business Instagram account, making it perfect for use by people who want to create and promote content and manage branded content while helping them earn through Instagram like business accounts.

This account has very similar features to a business account, like sorting messages promoting posts and ads. Still, unlike a business account, you can’t schedule a post with this type of account.

The drawback to this type of account is very similar to that of a business account that you can not run ads without having a creators page on Facebook. 

We hope this information will help you to have a better user experience with Instagram.

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