The Top cutest and most loved TV show couples of all time

We all have our favorite couples who we ship, don’t we? Whenever we start a new show, movie, there are also these two people we love watching together doing cute scenes. Many characters were so opposite but, we loved when they got together in the show/movie. And, the funny part is we start following them so much together that we ignore that they have different lives outside the TV set. Even at times, we forget the real-life soulmates they are sharing their life with.

We have picked the top cutest TV couples that we all loved; scroll down and check if we picked up someone you love too.

Chandler Bing and Monica Geller(Friends)

Who doesn’t love the TV show, friends? Monica and Chandler were not only our favorite couple, but they were also the goals for many. Their love story started in London, where they ended up hooking up with each other. The way the story turned a hookup into the most beautiful love story brought tears to us. Monica is the boss lady, and Chandler is the most sarcastic and funny of all who took our heart. These two shared the level of understanding and love that we all crave, don’t we?

 Marshal Eriksen and Lily Aldrin(How I met Your Mother)

However, the show was mainly about Ted Mosby and his journey to find her soulmate. But, these two loge birds, Marshal and Lily, took away the most heart. Were they not the sweetest couple we ever saw? After seeing these two love stories, you can perfectly frame the quote made for each other. As it truly applies to them. They were not only the love birds but also the coolest and wildest in the group. The understanding, loyalty, and friendship they showcased were beyond words.

 Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert(The office)

The friendship and the sexual tension between Jim and Pam shared on the television screen were loved by everyone and loved watching them share a screen. Even after the marriage and the births of Cece and Philip, they stayed the most loved couple of Tv shows.

 Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)

Just like the show, this couple always had a different spark between them. Meredith’s and Derek’s relationship was not perfect but more than just complicated. But I guess that’s what kept the show going. We wanted Meredith to find her true love or maybe end up with McDreamy, but we always loved when Derek and Meredith shared the screen.

Ross Geller and Rachel Green(Friends)

How can we forget the cutest of all, Ross and Rachel? They carried their love story since their childhood. Ross crushing over her for years and then ending up with her was one of the best scenes. And, if you would have watched the reunion that was broadcast this 2021, you would have started loving them more. Rachel(Jennifer Anniston) confessed during the reunion that they used to crush over each other even in real life. Well, that was visible, was it not? The love and the chemistry they shared were beyond words. And, the legendary ‘we were on a break’ scene always makes us laugh our lungs out. They were not only the cutest but the most authentic relationship that you could relate to yourself.

Cam Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett ( Modern Family)

We can never get enough of Mitch and Cam. Did you know? There was a Two-part wedding episode of Mitch and Cam that is considered one of the most beautiful and essential moments in the history of the TV network.

Above were the top cutest and most adorable couples of the TV shows history. However, we know the list goes on, so do let us know who your favorite pair is and why you love them so much? 

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