“Mutual Abuse” ended Deep and Heard’s Marriage

Why did Deep and Heard’s marriage end?

It seems Depp and Heard’s marriage ended in deep mutual abuse. “The therapist working on this case only handled one side of the family, and all of them reported to me that there was a lot of manipulation from her, but not just from her to them, also from her to him”, says the therapist.

The jury heard Dr Laurel Anderson’s video testimony on the third day of his $50m (£38m) defamation trial in Virginia. Mr Depp is suing his ex-wife after claiming he was a victim of domestic violence in an article. Ms Heard countersued for $100 million. In testimony recorded in February and presented to jurors on Thursday, Ms Anderson said she saw the celebrity couple in multiple sessions between October 2015 and December 2015. Ms Hurd filed for divorce in May 2016 after just 15 months of marriage.    

What does their therapist say?

The therapist described an unstable dynamic between Mr Depp and Ms Heard, with both threatening to quit the sessions due to discussions. In sessions without Mr Depp present, Ms Anderson said, Ms Hurd, reported physical attacks by her then-husband. One day Ms Hurd came to her office with a few minor bruises on her face, she testified. According to Anderson, Ms Hurd initiated violent acts more than once to prevent Mr Depp from leaving. “It was a matter of pride for her to start a fight if she felt disrespected,” Anderson told jurors.    

“If he was going to drop her to reduce the escalation of the fight, she would hit him to keep him there; she would rather fight than drop him.” Ms Anderson stated that Mr Depp was frequently interrupted by Ms Heard during therapy sessions. “Ms Hurd spoke like a jackhammer,” the clinical psychologist said. “She was very excited. It was difficult for her to speak at that pace.   

He was often interrupted. “Ms Anderson testified about domestic violence to both Ms Hurd and Mr Depp. According to her, Miss Heard was beaten by her father, and Mr Depp was beaten by her mother. According to Anderson, Depp was under “good control” for decades before meeting Ms Heard, and he did not commit violence with former partners. “With Miss Heard, he was ready.   

They engaged in what I considered mutual violence.” The trial is about Ms Hurd’s 2018 Washington Post opinion piece, in which she describes herself as “a public figure representing domestic violence.” not mentioning him by name is slander and undermining his career.  

So far, jurors have been presented with duelling accounts of Depp and Heard’s relationship. Ms Heard’s team portrayed Mr Depp as a partner prone to physical and sexual abuse and drug and alcohol use. 

Mr Depp’s team presented Ms Heard’s claims of domestic violence as a “hoax” and a deliberate strategy to destroy her reputation.   

Also, Thursday, Ms Heard’s former personal assistant, Kate James, testified about what would happen when she asked her then-boss for a pay rise. Miss James said, “She [Miss Hurd] jumped up from her chair, brought her face about four inches closer to my face. She spat in my face, telling me how dare you to ask me for the salary you are requesting. ” 

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