Drowning in Dreams an Interview with Kat Hasty

23-yr-vintage West TX local Kat Hasty is on the upward push, having made her debut together with her -component EP Drowning in Dreams. I first heard a snip of Kat’s track on Tik Tok and changed into immediately hooked. I went straight to Apple tune to locate her, then listened to her EP on repeat. It is the sort of song that you may no longer faucet your foot to. Then the following factor you are aware of its middle of the night (or any time of the day like me) and also you’re screaming her songs driving down a backroad. Kat’s track is actual, uncooked, and unapologetic.

Kat grew up on Rock N’ Roll, all way to her dad. However as she grew up, she observed herself leaning more toward folk rock together with Bob Dylan. Mixing a Bob Dylan sound, Miranda Lambert thought, and the West TX lifestyle – we give you Kat Hasty. She is already passing on her musical lifestyle to the subsequent era. As her daughter that’s now not even a yr old dances and sings alongside her. Her daughter’s dad is also a touring musician, so she is sure to observe their footsteps!

Songs of Kat

Drowning in Dreams Vol. 1 features two songs and even as Vol. 2 features three songs. Kat stated, “I was decided to place music out but didn’t have the cash to do anything however file it at home. So, I bought a mic, Logic and a laptop pc and me and Shea Abshier recorded the EP in my condo lavatory. It was to start with supposed to be a three-part album with eleven songs. We wanted to do lots more with the document at the start, but we were pretty green with the software program and couldn’t discern out how. So my acoustic EP turned into born!” Drowning in Dreams turned into a quite literal time for Kat.

The bar scene overpowered her and drained her of all motivation – something so smooth to wander away in, especially within the music industry. While it was so hard to get out of, Kat did not lose the vision of those dreams. Kat wrote, “I assume it’s essential as a musician to remember that your brand and your call isn’t pretty much being a songwriter and musician. It’s about being a businessperson that’s ready to work tough and market yourself.”

Kat’s favourite track

“My favorite music is probably The Highway Song. People constantly ask how I write songs and what my procedure is, and I generally don’t realize what to say. My first-class songs I in no way intend to write. They normally just come to me while I’m doing mindless sports like sweeping or portray. One day I turned into using to Fort Worth and I commenced making a song “on a dual carriageway without a call we’re all high on Mary Jane” and by the point I got out to get gas and purchased meals I had written the whole toll road music in my head. I got in my car and pulled my cellphone out and typed the entire song up. That 15-minute epiphany has quite a whole lot modified the whole direction of my lifestyles”. It gives me chills that any such small senseless moment could make any such big impact on a person’s existence. It is straightforward to get worked up over writing the “best track.” Sometimes you need to relax and take the complications out of songwriting. It’s the easy moments like those that bring about a number of the fine songs.

There are a few random questions you can ask a person to absolutely find out a lot approximately them and here is my preferred one to invite, “If you may be any country track singer for an afternoon, who would it not be?” I couldn’t love Kat’s solution anymore. Kat said, “If I will be any us of a track singer for a day, I’d in all likelihood be Koe Wetzel. Koe Wetzel does what Koe Wetzel wants every 2nd of each day and I admire that.” It would be a hell of a day that is for sure.

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