10 Actors Who Played a Different MCU Role Than They Auditioned For

One of the reasons for the success of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is the casting choices of the directors. Apart from every other aspect of filmmaking, the selected actors were a perfect fit for the characters they played. However, we would have never been able to see the characters as they are today if the following actors had played the roles that they desired.  here is the list of actors who played a different role in MCU than auditioned.

Tom Hiddleston – Thor
1.     Tom Hiddleston – Thor

Tom Hiddleston, or as we all know him as Loki, was not initially set out for the role he is known for. He initially auditioned for the role of Thor. Still, casting directors found Chris Hemsworth a better fit for the role, and Hiddleston was selected to play Loki, which turned out to be an excellent decision for Marvel. And as of now, Loki has outgrown Thor in terms of popularity among Marvel fans.

Karen Gillan – Sharon Carter
2.     Karen Gillan – Sharon Carter

The character of Sharon Carter, which Emily VanCamp plays, did get a noticeable mention in Marvel’s Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but before that, it wasn’t seen much in MCU. We all know Karen Gillan as Nebula, but before she cast for her role, she auditioned for the character of Sharon Carter

Zachary Levi – Starlord
3.     Zachary Levi – Starlord

Both Zachary and Chris Pratt auditioned for the role of Starlord in The Guardians of the Galaxy. still, Pratt was selected over Levi for the role, and he chose the latter for the role of Fandral in Thor: The Dark World. Later, he got popular; when he was selected for the role of Shazam in DCEU, the first was a success and set for a sequel in 2023.

Michael B. Jordan – Falcon
4. Michael B. Jordan – Falcon

Falcon, when it was first seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, got its image as a side-kick of Captain America, but later on, the character grew to be one of the essential elements of Marvel’s story and is now a successor of the Shield (with the retirement of Steve Rogers), with its spin-off, Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Michael B. Jordan auditioned for this role but was rejected. In turn, he was selected to play the character of Killmonger in Black Panther, and the audience and critics loved the antagonist’s character.

Chris Pratt – Captain America
5.     Chris Pratt – Captain America

The character of Captain America has the second most screen time in MCU after Iron Man. The retirement of Steve Rogers as Captain America was an end of a beautiful journey for the character, and it broke the heart of MCU fans.

Chris Pratt has successfully justified the role of Starlord in The Guardians of The Galaxy. But initially, he also auditioned for the role of Captain America, for which he was rejected, and the role was given to Chris Evans.

Lupita Nyong’o – Nebula
6.     Lupita Nyong’o – Nebula

Lupita Nyong’o played the character of Nakia in Black Panther. In the film, her character didn’t get much attention because of the presence of Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan.

She initially auditioned for the role of Nebula but was instead cast for Nakia.

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Jake Gyllenhaal – Doctor Strange
7.     Jake Gyllenhaal – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is one of the most famous characters of the MCU and is currently being played by Benedict Cumberbatch. The character debuted in 2016 with its movie and became one of the influential characters in Marvel’s Infinity saga storyline.

Jake Gyllenhaal, a.k.a. Mysterio, also auditioned for this character, but Marvel had other plans for him. Later he was seen in Spider-Man: Far from Home as the story’s antagonist.

Sebastian Stan – Captain America
8.     Sebastian Stan – Captain America

We have seen Bucky Barnes, played by Sebastian Stan, grow from an antagonist in Captain America: The Winter Soldier to a loyal friend later in the story. And now the character has got its spin-off series Falcon and The Winter Soldier. He had worked side by side with Steve Rogers, and now he is doing the same with Sam Wilson.

But Sebastian Stan had auditioned for the role of Captain America along with Chris Evans, but we know how it turned out.

So, we might say it was a blessing in disguise for both the characters.

Sam Rockwell – Iron Man
9.     Sam Rockwell – Iron Man

The character of Iron Man has the most screen time in MCU, and the release of the first Iron Man film marks the beginning of the cinematic universe. The character has been played and successfully justified by Robert Downey Jr.

The second instalment of the Iron Man trilogy featured Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. It might come as a surprise, but Rockwell was also shortlisted for the role of Iron Man, but eventually, the directors decided to go with RDJ.

Chadwick Boseman – Drax
10. Chadwick Boseman – Drax

Chadwick Boseman, famous for his role as Black Panther, is no more with us. He made the character of Black Panther his own. The story would have been different if he had been selected to play Drax. Yes, Chadwick Boseman initially auditioned for the role of Drax in Guardians of The Galaxy. However, the character was later played by Dave Bautista.

So, these were the ten actors who didn’t get the role for which they auditioned initially, but it turned out great for them.

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