Virgin River season four is on its way, and fans are going crazy with their questions

Virgin River is the season three finale that ended with a series of jaw-dropping cliffhangers, with our feared return that Mel is pregnant but doesn’t know whether the baby will be named Jack or Mark. Showrunner 

Sue Tenney did her best to tease possible outcomes and potentially groundbreaking events (click here to read our interview). You know, provided we get it.   

Will Jack and Mel get engaged?

Jack and Mel are engaged, but not yet. Forced Mel to take a back seat after receiving the news that she was pregnant, but she still doesn’t know if Jack is the father. And whether or not they are engaged.    

Who is the father of Mel’s baby?

The interest pulls and tugs at viewers “hearts, and I feel I could have saved the show for a finale like this. Her pregnancy also resulted from her recent visit to the fertility clinic where she and her late husband stored frozen embryos. Either way, the children will have significant genes. We love actor Daniel Gillies in the original. It must be hard for Jack to be a man raising his twins without Charmaine, but we can’t imagine him with a woman pregnant with another baby.    

Will Hope survive her surgery?

The season’s finale left Doc sobbing as he waited for Hope to undergo dangerous, life-saving surgery after her car crash. Given the pandemic limitations (and the guilt of actress Annette O’Toole’s absence in season 3), there’s every reason to suspect Hope won’t experience season 4 again (until a new variant is formed, of course). But she will survive and have surgery.  

Where will Ricky end up?

After signing on the dotted line to become a Marine, Ricky tells everyone that hell will be in San Diego and South Carolina. Actor Grayson Gurnsey told TVLine that he hopes Ricky goes to South Carolina because that sounds more fun. Ricky will be stationed somewhere else, but we won’t find out for a while. And that’s where he’ll probably end up.   

One of the most frightening moments of the finale of Virgin season 3 – and the show in general – saw Wes emerge from the darkness of the preacher’s house after Christopher and Connie had returned from pizza. And that’s precisely what he did to them. Friends, we will never forget how things unfolded on this show.    

The preacher will return to tie Connie up and tell him where they took him. It is possible that Wes was kidnapped for a pizza. We have to wait and see.    


What brings Doc’s grandson to town?

This has baffled us. One of the most unusual twists of the Season 3 finale (of which there were many) was the arrival of Doc’s grandson. Someone must have taken him to town. So much about who he is, is a big mystery at this point. We know Doc is the grandfather. But who exactly he is and what he is up to is a dark secret. And that’s where he comes in.   

What is Mike’s dark secret?

Brady was so drunk during his meltdown in Virgin River Episode 8 that we could think about what he said to Mike: “I was a villain and a hero. I have paid for every crime I have committed. And Mike said the same thing to me.   

You are afraid that everyone will find out that you are not a hero. They have blood on their hands. I know you’ve been to Iraq, Mike. Hold on, Mike, I know who you are. 

Will Charmaine ever stop being, you know, Charmaine?

Look, we all know Jack didn’t ask to get pregnant with his twins until he got serious with MEL. It is a complicated situation, and no one is responsible for anything here, but nothing ever really has anything to do with anyone.    

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