The True Story Of Selena’s Sister, Suzette Quintanilla’s, Wedding From ‘Selena: The Series

The wedding of Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla, is proven in Selena: The Series.

Suzette married her now-husband Bill Arriaga in 1993, and they may be nonetheless together.

Yolanda Saldívar turned into Suzette’s bridesmaid within the show, but did that certainly manifest?

While Selena: The Series focuses heavily on what occurred in Selena Quintanilla’s life, it also dives into the lives of her own family individuals, such as her older sister, Suzette Quintanilla. Suzette’s wedding to Bill Arriaga is featured in part two of the collection, sparking questions about real-life nuptials.

Backing up a sec: Suzette become inside the family band Selena Y Los Dinos with Selena (she played the drums), and she served as a government producer on Selena: The Series. Basically, it’s pretty secure to expect that references to Suzette’s lifestyles are in all likelihood going to be pretty accurate.

In the collection, visitors see Suzette fall head over heels almost right away after assembly Bill. The two ended up getting married inside the collection and, it’s well worth noting, Selena’s future assassin Yolanda Saldívar served as a bridesmaid.

Did Saldívar genuinely function as a bridesmaid in Suzette’s wedding ceremony? And is Suzette still married to Bill? Here’s what you need to realize:

Yep, Yolanda Saldívar became in Suzette Quintanilla’s wedding.

It’s eerie to consider it now, but lower back then, Saldívar became considered a family buddy. And, in keeping with IMDb, she changed into clearly a bridesmaid in Suzette’s 1993 wedding ceremony to Bill.

Suzette and Saldívar surely knew every other for some years earlier than Suzette’s wedding— Yolanda began a fan membership for Selena in 1991.

Suzette and Bill are nonetheless happily married these days.

The couple has now been collectively for 28 years. Suzette has a public Instagram account, and she every now and then shares pix of herself together with her husband.

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